Better Together: Focus Missions and Pushpay Integration


Better Together

At MinistryPlatform, we work hard with our partners to help them create an ecosystem to better serve the church. One such partnership that was recently revealed is the new integration between Pushpay and Focus Missions. This integration allows Pushpay users to accept donations through Focus Missions, and access all their contribution data in MinistryPlatform’s powerful Church Management System to gain the necessary insights that fuel church growth. 

“Our recent integration with Pushpay, takes everything you love about Pushpay and makes it available for seamless financial management and trip goer ease. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and another great way to serve the missions community at large.” —Jared Romano, Director of Sales and Marketing, Focus Missions

A Long Road

This integration has been a project that has taken the better part of a year, and it all began at CITRT 2017 when MinistryPlatform’s CEO Chris Kehayias announced our own integration with Focus Missions. If you don’t know who Focus Missions is, or what they do, they are the leading mission trip management platform which integrates your mission trip donations, attributes, profile information, and more, directly into your Church Management System. Focus Missions has taken all the document management, logistics, and workflow processes and pushed all of that information into an easy-to-navigate dashboard that relieves churches of much of the burden that comes with managing multiple mission trips each year. 

Pushpay was eager to find a way to integrate with Focus Missions after hearing their churches voice concerns over having to use duplicate payment platforms – one for the simple payment experience that Pushpay is known for when processing weekly tithes and offerings, and a separate payment processor for use within the Focus Missions platform. So, in November of 2017, Levi Jennings, the cofounder of Focus Missions met with the team at Pushpay in their offices in Redmond, Washington to formulate a plan. 

It took the better part of eight months to create a system that simplified the complexities of missions funding. Mission trip funding, it turns out, is complicated business. Donors have to be able to donate to a specific trip in part or in full, or to an individual they wish to sponsor. To add to the complexities, Focus Missions reports that 65% of all the gifts that come through their platform are given by those who are outside the church, which meant that Pushpay had to create something that could be easily accessible, not only to the church’s members, but to the community at large.

Focus Missions reports that 65% of all the gifts that come through their platform are given by those who are outside the church.


Pushpay was aided by a number of beta users along the way who volunteered to test the integration and give feedback. Churches like Celebration Church provided valuable insight as the engineers worked to perfect the integration. 

Finally, at Pushpay’s Summit Conference, the new integration was unveiled. You can read the full press release here. The response has been overwhelmingly positive so far. As this partnership develops, Pushpay and Focus Missions are excited to work together to serve their churches and are continuing to find ways to extend the integration further to ultimately create the best user experience. The integration between these two powerhouses flows seamlessly into MinistryPlatform’s powerful database, creating an all-in-one solution that serves to improve outreach efforts.

We really are better together.

We recently invited Kent Woodyard, the Director of Business Development at Pushpay, to express his own thoughts about the integration in a guest blog post. You can read about the integration in Kent’s own words here.