Better Together: Meet Sodium Halogen


Meet Sodium Halogen

Sodium Halogen works with churches to implement MinistryPlatform and help churches grow. This Tennessee-based company has been working hard with Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson to create some really cool custom solutions that addressed the unique needs of such a large, growing church. They specialize in software and application development, UX and UI, and more. With a name like Sodium Halogen (Salt and Light), we are excited about their commitment to the church and what they can accomplish for the Kingdom.

Simple Small Group Sign-Up

Sodium Halogen's work with Fellowship Bible Church began about a year ago when they came to us for a new website. After we finished creating the site, they decided they needed a better way for the members of their church to sign up for small groups. Fellowship wanted a seamless experience on the new site. The main goal was a simple, user-friendly experience with no barriers to signing up for community groups.

“We’ve always known that developing compelling relationships takes work, but in our effort to foster community we wanted to avoid unnecessary hardship. Sign ups for home groups shouldn’t be a chore. Sodium Halogen made it easy for our people to survey our available groups and express their preference. The team at Sodium Halogen were eager partners in our mission and working with them was a pleasure.” 

Eugene Brandt - Lead Pastor Fellowship Bible Church

Switching platforms

Fellowship’s previous platform had a complicated interface for users and church staff. Even though all the church’s information was contained on the dated platform, they knew they needed a more modern solution. Fellowship needed a platform that would work well for their members, have a simple backend interface for staff, and would stand the test of time.

After comparing multiple options, Fellowship found MinistryPlatform and decided to make the switch. Ministry Platform is a powerful backend solution, but they wanted someone to make the frontend for them. Sodium Halogen had just built their new website a few months before, and they were happy with the experience. Since Ministry Platform has no frontend, we were able to create a user experience for covenant groups looks and feels exactly like the rest of the website.

Creating a Seamless Experience

We were able to implement MinistryPlatform into Fellowship’s site quickly, creating a seamless experience for church members signing up for covenant groups. You’ll often hear us say that part of our method is to put the customer first, so we designed, built, tested, and launched a seamless sign up experience for members of Fellowship to be able to use. The MinistryPlatform team worked with us to ensure that the integration was a great front-end experience for visitors and backend experience for staff.

Victims of Our Own Success

After showing the tutorial video in church on a Sunday and launching the new pages, so many people signed up that Fellowship had to increase the number of people who could join a group! Fellowship’s overall group participation increased by almost 15%.

“Because of the overwhelming response, we had to increase the maximum number of participants for groups. This ultimately means that more people have the opportunity to engage in covenantal community, and that is a huge success for Fellowship.”

Janelle - Project Lead

Ready for Our Next Challenge

So, what’s next? We really enjoyed creating this addition to Fellowship’s website, and working with Chris Kehayias and MinistryPlatform was a great experience for everyone involved. We’re always looking for new ways to improve user experience on websites. Now that we’re experienced in setting up MinistryPlatform, we’d love to be able to implement it at other churches.

To learn more about how Sodium Halogen can help your growing church implement MinistryPlatform,
check out their website.