Capterra Article: Who Will You Trust to Pick Your Next Church Database System?



Out all the of entries submitted, MinistryPlatform is excited to announce that Capterra chose to feature our article on their site's Church Management Blog! The piece, written by our very own Kevin McCord, details the process involved in selecting a new church database system - a topic we know all too well!

Dig deep with Kevin as he lays out the pros and cons of having an individual to make that all-important choice, electing for a committee approach, or allowing a church consultant (like Ministry Business Services and Enable Ministry Partners) to work with you to choose the right church management system for your ministry.

Each option is presented with Kevin's recommendations to avoid common pitfalls, and instructions for simple follow-through, no matter the size of your organization. Remember that whoever you chose to shepherd the transition, setting expectations is key to selecting a church management system that works with your growing church.

When you read the full article, be sure to check out the cameo appearance by MinistryPlatform's COO, Tavie Allan, who offered this thought, "Choosing the right selection method for your culture cannot be overemphasized. A good fit can produce an exciting and fruitful transition experience with high adoption rates. A haphazard approach can result in (your team) feeling resentful and disappointed, then becoming disengaged users. Investing the time to choose the process that brings your team together when it’s over is worth it." 

Andrew Conrad, Capterra's content writer, told us that he found the article, "very informative," and took the liberty of including hilarious Office Space gifs to really bring the post to life. We are so honored to be featured, and look forward to working with Capterra to create more valuable content in the future. 

To read the full article, check out Capterra's Church Management Blog: Who Will You Trust to Pick Your Next Church Database System? 

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