Contact Status Management

Chris Kehayias

Every month I get to share something exciting that we are working on for MinistryPlatform churches. This month I’ve got something fun, powerful, and cool up my sleeve! Kevin McCord and I started talking about this idea a long time ago and there have been several, church-specific incarnations of it. I’m truly excited to announce we have built, and are ready to deliver, automatic Contact Status Management to the entire community.

What is Contact Status Management?

This is the process of changing a contact’s status from active to inactive (or vice versa) based on criteria established by your church.

Why does this matter?

Your church has finite resources to minister to people. The typical database has thousands of people listed who no longer come to the church. MinistryPlatform gives you unprecedented visibility to your data and it will now analyze that data for you and apply your rules to ensure all those actively participating are listed as active.

A little history on this feature…

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away; Trace Jackson at Christ Fellowship in McKinney setup a series of views to identify contacts whose status may need to change. An administrator would mass assign the changes in status manually. When I saw these views at MPUG the following year, I “borrowed” the idea. And then took it one step further. Instead of views, I fully automated the process with fixed rules that were in code. Over the years our Professional Services team has worked out various versions of this for different churches.

Each of the solutions was a step toward the ultimate goal: a flexible system to automatically change Contact Statuses that can be turned on at any MinistryPlatform church. For this to happen, the routine had to be based on rules that evaluate activity on the individual record, on family member records, and the person’s level of commitment to your church (aka Participant Type). You will probably want different rules for Members, Guests, and Attenders.

Our new Contact Status Movement automation allows you to dial in when contact status should change. This is done by making a few choices on each Participant Type record.

As you can see in the above record, you have control over whether individuals with this participant type will be considered and when the routine will change their contact status.

Here’s how to read the above record:

  • Attenders in the above church will be automatically inactivated at 180 days without activity provided all members of their family are ready for inactivation
  • Attenders in the above church will be automatically re-activated if they have three distinct active days in a 30 day period

Contact Status Movement runs nightly, and all changes are fully reflected in the Audit Log.

This feature is being delivered as one of our CloudServices. Feel free to dive into all the nitty gritty details.

Each church must request it be deployed to their system. The Professional Services team can assist you with getting this setup and ready to roll.