Customer Spotlight: Sagemont Church


Scott Reichling has been the IT Director at Sagemont since 2002.

For more than 15 years, he has faithfully served the church by managing Sagemont’s computer and network infrastructure.

His background in Church IT Consulting works to his advantage as he assists the church’s innumerable ministries with implementing technology that empowers them to do more for the Kingdom.


Sagemont won MPUG’s New Implementation of the Year Award in 2017. With MPUG 2018 just finished up, we thought we’d check in with Sagemont to get their thoughts on how a year with MinistryPlatform has made a difference in their church.

MP: Hey Scott! How did you hear about MinistryPlatform?

Scott: Kevin McCord did some consulting work for Sagemont about ten years ago. We stayed in touch over the years, so I knew when he and Stephen Wareham started MinistryPlatform. 

When we knew our ChMS system had hit the end of the line, I told our team that we should really look at MinistryPlatform. I had heard a lot of good things from other churches and I knew there were really good people behind the company. 

Three of us flew out to Phoenix for MPUG in 2016. I’m Director of Computer Services, our Church Administrator went and also our Education Pastor who oversees all the Education Ministries. We talked with some of the MinistryPlatform staff, but really, we were interested in asking questions of other churches who were using the software. After a few conversations, we knew it was the right product for us.

"We were sitting on the plane wondering, 'Okay, now what is the next step? How do we move as quickly as we can?'"

Almost to the day, six months later, we cut over to MinistryPlatform. It was pretty cool.

MP: The team from Sagemont that went to MPUG 2016 had really diverse roles. What impressed them?

Scott: It was the testimony of the other churches that really sold us. We went in wanting to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. We asked a lot of questions. If we were going to select this software, we wanted to avoid any potential problems. Even the church we talked to who struggled through implementation, went on and on about how data was getting cleaned up and the system was such a blessing to their ministry. Stuff like that sold us more than anything Tavie, Kevin, or Stephen might have said. It was more about what the churches who were in the trenches using the product had to say, and it was all really good.

MP: You’ve used MinistryPlatform for a year. What changes have you noticed within Sagemont since implementation?

Scott: When we moved over to MinistryPlatform, we also changed our giving platform to OnlineGiving. We had hundreds of donors to move over to the new platform.

"But since we’ve made those changes, we’ve seen about a 35% increase in online giving."

MP: What projects are you working on now?

Scott: We’re working with Blackpulp right now to create a user intake form. The idea is to replace all the paper communications cards with iPads or kiosks that people can just walk up to and use. We can search for their name in the system and see if they’re in the database. Then they can fill out their information right there, and the information goes straight back to a central database. 

Before MinistryPlatform, a family might drop their kids off at the Children’s Ministry and they would have to fill out a contact form by hand. Then, when they go to Bible Study Class, they’d have to fill out the same contact information all over again. If they came up and shook the Pastor’s hand, we’d give them another form to fill out. They were filling out the same contact information three or four times.People commented that they were getting burned out – it was too much. Plus, we’d then have to collect all of those cards on Sunday morning (and risk losing some of them), read the chicken scratch, and enter in all of that data on Monday or Tuesday. It was a mess. 

"Now, new visitors can fill out their contact information once, and the data is live in the system."

We may have to ask a few additional questions depending on what information we need, but it will really simplify the experience of a new visitor to the church. They just type their information into a tablet or iPad, and all of their information is available for any ministry to use right away.

It’s a really cool project that I’m really excited about.

To learn more about Blackpulp and how they work to help our customers innovate and customize MinistryPlatform, visit their website at