Designed for an Ecosystem


The Church Software space has seen radical changes the last several years as the market has begun transitioning away from single sourced “do it all” solutions towards a collection of applications and services that offer “best of breed” functionality and integrate on the backend.

This trend is still very much in its infancy and I am very excited that MinistryPlatform is a leading part of that change. Over the last several years, we have continued to integrate with other solutions, seeking to serve the Church. Not the Church Market – but truly serve the Church!

MinistryPlatform serves as a great base of operations for your church app ecosystem.

With a flexible, open data architecture and a robust API, MinistryPlatform can easily be integrated with a variety of software and services to create real solutions to real problems that the church faces.

In our next platform update, we are happy to announce a new OAuth stack, which opens some great new doors to speed development, provide true Single Sign On (not just for our apps, but yours too!), and a host of security improvements.

Moving forward, we stand committed to continuing to help our churches realize the full potential and value of the investment they have made with us by continually expanding the power that MinistryPlatform can bring as the center of the church software ecosystem.