Guest Post with Kent Woodyard from Pushpay


Better Together: Pushpay and Focus Missions come together to complete the picture

The Power of Partnerships

Here at Pushpay, one of the things that drives many of our product decisions is a quote our CEO is fond of repeating: “If we can’t be the best in the world at it, I don’t want to do it.” 

It’s a call to excellence and a call to remain focused on the few important things that we want to do and do well. Namely: mobile giving and custom mobile apps. 

The natural result of this approach is that there will be many things (in fact, most things) that our team will not be building. In each of those cases, we don’t want to leave our customers hanging without a place to turn. We want to address their needs through partnerships and integrations with companies who are uniquely situated to solve those specific needs.

Take church management systems. In 2018, thriving ministries can’t survive without a robust set of tools to manage attendance, contributions, groups, check-ins, service planning, and much more. Our friends at Ministry Platform have spent years building an innovative suite of tools to address each of those specific needs. Rather than duplicating those efforts, we’ve decided instead to invest in an integration with Ministry Platform. Integrations like this one allow our shared customers to use our two platforms side-by-side and lets The “capital C” Church as a whole benefit from the innovation that results when mission-driven companies work together to create powerful tools for churches. 

Missions Management - More Than Just Payments

Another area where Pushpay has elected to partner instead of build is with the tricky problem of missions trip management. It doesn’t take many trips each year for the logistics and planning involved to become nearly a full-time job. And, while Pushpay could handle the payments just fine, we weren’t setup to manage the documents, people, travel arrangements, and financial management that a typical short-term mission trip entails. 

For that part, more and more of Pushpay’s customers were turning to a company called Focus Missions to provide end-to-end management of their mission trips. Focus Missions has spent the past several years building an extensive platform that allows church admins to manage every mission trip participant, donation, requirement, application, background check, reference letter, chaperone, consent form, scholarship, itinerary, all in one easy and intuitive dashboard. 

Put simply, Focus Missions has become the best mission trip management platform in the world. And if they’ve solved the “mission trip” problem, we don’t want to waste time solving that same problem. We want to partner with them! 

Focus Missions + Pushpay + Ministry Platform = An Integrated Ecosystem

So that’s what we’ve done. 

After months of collaboration with the Focus Missions team, including soliciting much feedback from eager customers, we launched an integration between Pushpay and Focus Missions in August of this year. 

With this integration, Focus Missions customers, who also use Pushpay for their church’s giving, can now process payments in Focus Missions using their Pushpay account. The Focus giver will initiate the gift on Focus’s trip pages, will be redirected to Pushpay to confirm the payment, and will be sent back to Pushpay once complete. Easy as that! It eliminates the need for a separate merchant account and unifies both the giving experience and the reconciliation process onto a single platform.

“Our recent integration with Pushpay, takes everything you love about Pushpay and makes it available for seamless financial management and trip goer ease. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and another great way to serve the missions community at large.” Jared Romano, Director of Sales and Marketing, Focus Missions


And best of all, both Pushpay and Focus Missions have built API integrations with Ministry Platform. Meaning you get the benefit of not one, not two, but THREE innovative platforms, working together to power your ministry. 

We know that no single platform or company will ever be able to do it all. Developing world class technology is a “team sport” and the more platforms we can connect within the Ministry Platform ecosystem, the better we’re able to delight and serve the customers we share. And if the early feedback from churches are any indication, the Pushpay and Focus Missions integration is doing exactly that!

“Wow, what a great experience! I just tested our first trip and this giving experience was great and exceeded expectations (especially with redirect back to the Focus Missions page). Thanks for all your hard work on this! Please tell the team how happy Celebration Church is with this integration.” -- Yolanda Queitsch, Accounting & Finance Director, Celebration Church


We really are Better Together.