How to "Sort of" Filter Sub Pages


Filtered pages are immensely useful. They allow access for many people to help in editing and adding data, while keeping things limited where they need to be. Using filtered pages, you could give someone access to edit small groups only versus giving them access to edit all groups.

But what if your church needed to take things further? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to filter sub pages as well? Maybe you’d like a sub tab called “Current Groups,” “Skill Attributes,” or “Spiritual Formations” so that you could easily see this information on a contact record.

So, why doesn’t the platform allow for filtered sub pages? The simple answer is that sub pages are already filtered by contact. You couldn’t, for example, open someone’s record and further filter the sub pages to show only current groups because the sub pages already have a filter that is pulling data relative to that person. There can’t be more than one filter applied to sub pages.

There is a workaround though, so that filtering sub pages can be “sort of” accomplished. Here’s how.

  1. Copy the sub page.
  2. Give the sub page a new name.
  3. Create a sub page view for that page.
  4. Give security roles to those who need rights to read and edit that “sub page.”

Some more tips as you experiment with filtered sub pages:

  • Don’t make the sub page view until after you create the sub page.
  • Be sure the sub page view is the "default view" of the new sub page record.
  • Be sure to remove your own username from the sub page view so everyone can see it.