Is Ministry Platform Software as a Service (Saas)?


The Cloud

Look, up in that cloud, is it SaaS (Software as a Service)?

MinistryPlatform is a suite of applications primarily available through your web browser, but some of our apps are native apps (think App Store) and many other companies have native and browser apps that access MinistryPlatform data.

MinistryPlatform can be hosted in the cloud and we can take care of ALL the technical aspects of hosting for you with either our Dedicated Cloud or our Shared Cloud editions.

However, MinistryPlatform is not Software as a Service. Each church has its very own installation including a database and software. This means that your system’s performance is not tied into the use of the system by all the other churches. It also means that you can have unique data structures and applications not available to any other church.

We allow each church to decide where to host MinistryPlatform. We offer the most flexible, open-architecture system available to churches. This ensures they can pursue their unique gospel ministry tracking with entirely new categories of data that apply directly to their church operations. It also means your church can identify the third party systems with whom you wish to integrate (like accounting software or giving platforms that are already in use). Performance will never be impacted by peak use of the system by hundreds of other churches.

Still, we have acknowledged that SaaS is a great business model. The primary benefits of SaaS are:

  1. Outsourcing the infrastructure costs (we do this through our cloud editions)
  2. Outsourcing the software update and data management costs (we do this for everyone as part of standard maintenance)
  3. Faster onboarding of new customers (check out our 9-week implementation)

In order to achieve exactly those benefits, Think Ministry now offers several of our applications as fully cloud hosted. These include:

When you launch these tools they are being launched from our SaaS Server, hosted by Higher Ground.

When you see data in these tools, it is coming directly from your database through your API. When you click “Save” or any other action on these tools that edits data, it is being saved into your MinistryPlatform database wherever that might be!

This is a unique capability available from Think Ministry, Inc.

No other company serving churches has given them this hybrid model. With MinistryPlatform you get:

  1. Data that is completely yours and resides where you want it to reside.
  2. A database that can change with your ministry needs.
  3. A company committed to keeping your system up-to-date.
  4. Cloud applications that allow us to make updates in one place for key applications

We’re excited to be leading the way in giving large churches the greatest amount of options available today!