Membership Renewal at CCCC

Kevin McCord

Clear Creek Community Church in Texas has a requirement for members to annually renew their commitment to one another and to the church. To remain a current member at Clear Creek, individuals must renew their membership on February 15th. They must also maintain participation in an adult small group.  Finally, membership is a requirement for leadership. This means that those leading in a group or team must renew annually to continue in their trusted role.

To bring transparency and automation to this process, Think Ministry Inc. worked with Tori Lococo to deploy the following:

  • A custom date field where "Membership Last Renewed" is recorded near Member Status.
  • A custom form allowing members to renew their membership after the annual drive on February 15.
  • A routine that updates the Membership Last Renewed date from the custom form submissions.
  • A routine that runs weekly to evaluate and update Member Status to "current", "leader", "not current", or "former".

Here is what the custom fields look like:

Even though we trust our automation, we want users to be able to see all relevant facts so we made a few views:

  • A view that allows them to monitor all information relevant to Membership including whether someone is in a group or leading.
  • A view that allows them to identify those with a leadership role who are not current for communication with those individuals.

Finally, the real world has exceptions!  A few were made to allow flexibility in the above process.  For example, anyone whose member status should be untouched by the routine is given a value of "true" for another custom field "Manual Status Update".

Next steps include creating dashboards, notifications, and even further automation in this aspect of Clear Creek's MinistryPlatform implementation.  An idea was floated to allow members to renew membership via a text message. Wouldn't that be fun?

The majority of churches do not do an annual membership renewal.  Those who annually renew have unique rules and exceptions. MinistryPlatform can handle your unique membership rules. Our professional services team is here to assist with projects like this one.