MPUG: a Gift to our Community from our Community


We just wrapped up our 8th annual MinistryPlatform User Group (MPUG) meeting! This event spans three days, and costs a mere $130 per attendee in 2018. The swag and food are amazing. If you opted for a full day of training beforehand, you invested another $99 per attendee.

We’ve done the math and looked around at similar events that cost as much as $450 per attendee. Let’s unpack how we keep this event so inexpensive. But first, let’s acknowledge the true cost of travel and time away from the office. We know the sacrifice each church makes to send people and we appreciate that most of all. We’re honored that a huge majority of our churches send representatives each year!

So, how do we keep the cost of this major event as low as possible?

First, our host church ensures we do not have to pay for a venue. This year’s host, Harvest Christian Fellowship, generously made their Orange County campus available for our event. We may outgrow this luxury in the future and hotel conference centers may be an answer, but we are putting that day off until it becomes an absolute necessity!

Psst! By the way – we’re excited that Seacoast will be our 2019 destination.

Second, our Sponsors offset a huge part of the cost. The event would be $150 more per attendee if we didn’t have their participation. We owe a big thanks to our Sponsors who are listed below. They don’t just have incredible products and services for MinistryPlatform churches, they are also part of our community. We’re honored that they treat MPUG as a “Must Go To” event each year.

Third, our philosophy on this event has always been to “break even” on the hard costs associated with it. We do not recover employee time related to MPUG. In keeping with the theme of a “User Group” we want it to be relationship oriented. We want it to be as easy to attend as possible. We wish we could get together more often!

Each year, we evaluate how much we need to charge. It probably won’t remain $130 next year, but you can be sure the philosophy behind this important gathering will continue to remain unchanged.

Thank you all for attending and be sure to thank your co-workers and your family who shared you with our community this year.

Our Sponsors:

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