Global Search makes MP even more Multi-Site friendly


Have you heard about one of our new beta features available today*? Introducing … the Global Search.

Whaaaat? Gasp. Shock silently spreads through the room.

And then … applause.


Cheering even!

Yep. We know. The implications, especially for our multi-site churches, are huuuuge!

Ok, so what does it do?

It’s a universal filter that users can apply to each page to quickly filter the entire platform down to one Congregation (also think “campus”).

It also restricts users to one or more Congregations (of your choosing) so they can use all of the pages they need while seeing only data related to their Congregation(s).

Why is it important?

Churches with more than two or three congregations were often turning to filtered pages and other mechanisms to help volunteers and staff who worked at just one campus focus on their information. The Global Search can be applied to main pages, whereas the page filter cannot.

Since the primary reason churches were attempting to filter main pages has been to facilitate multi-site management, the Global Search is going to drastically improve the user experience for database users of smaller campuses.

Administration of user rights in a multi-site church just got easier. (You’re welcome!)

What happens when it's setup (aka turned on)?

Upon setup, all users will see the Global Search at the top of the application next to your church's name. When they select one congregation from the filter, many pages will respond by automatically showing only records pertaining to that congregation.

If you wish to limit some users to only data pertaining to one or more congregations, you must open the user records and add those congregations to the Global Search sub-page for that user.

What's the impact to Filtered Pages and Page Views?

The Global Search is applied before Page Filters. Page Filters are applied before Page Views. The three features work in tandem to allow you to have even more control over what you’re your users can access.

For example, if you have a page that only shows groups of the Small Group type based on the Page Filter, setting that page up to use the Global Search will mean that one page can be used for managing small groups across all campuses.

Let's take this even further. Let's say you have a view on the Small Groups Filtered Page that shows you "Small Groups that are full." A user on that page who has their Global Search set to "Campus A" is seeing " Small Groups that are full at Campus A."

If you have Filtered Pages that exist solely to filter by congregation, those filtered pages have become obsolete and will be removed via Security Roles. If you are uncomfortable removing filtered pages, you may want to get help from our Professional Services team.

Are there risks associated with the Global Search?

Yes! Our advice? ...

  • Don't get them wet
  • Don't expose them to bright light
  • Don't feed them after midnight

Wait … wait. Wrong “G”!

It’s important to understand the impact of having applied the Global Search to a page where you’ve previously made a selection of records across multiple congregations. Those selections still contain all records. Passing those selections to Tools and Report will pass all records.

Itching to give it a whirl?

We thought you might be.

Global Search is live but inert on all systems as of the Winter 2019 MinistryPlatform update. When it’s removed from beta, it will be setup for all churches and MP will "ship" with this feature turned on for any future churches.

*If you wish for this feature to be turned on or setup early, please contact support.