Premium Features Out of the Box!


Over the years we've worked with our churches to identify ways to more efficiently enter both check and cash donations into MinistryPlatform.  We've found ways to help churches with multiple locations as well as those who recruit volunteers for this task.  Providing a secure, simple experience for contributions entry has always been our focus.  

We've been able to find small ways to optimize this work in large churches.   Little things matter like simple forms for adding new donors, and family based results when you perform a name or address search.

We're especially proud of a few features that are typically viewed as premium features in the church management world.

Here are three features related to Contributions Processing that MinistryPlatform includes at no additional cost that other systems typically do not:


  1. Batch Check Scanning:  We support a variety of check scanners that can expedite contributions entry.  Different makes and models allow a church to buy a scanner with the capacity and speed they need!
  2. Courtesy & Legal Amount Recognition:  When you scan a check, we detect the amount of the donation from both the written (legal) amount and the numeric (courtesy) box.  So, not only will we find the donor who previously used that account, we'll do most of the entry for you!
  3. Check 21 File Transmission:  You can convert your physical checks to digital images and create an x9.37 file.  That's the standard you need to submit digital check images to your bank directly as an Image Cash Letter (ICL).  There's a one-time setup fee for this, but after that, you only have to pay the fees your bank charges for this service.  We even have a partner you can send the file to if you bank gives you the run-around!  

Check out our Batch Manager to learn more about this simple, secure, and efficient utility.