Would your leaders want to see something like this?

Kevin McCord

Here's a pretty picture. Would your leaders want to see something like this?

Engagement Snapshot

Cool dashboard, huh? You can tell just how many people are involved and what they are doing. Filters would allow someone focused on one congregation (campus) to drill in.

But what came first? Good data or this interesting dashboard? 

Trick question! You have to work both ends against the middle.

Leaders have to tell you what they're interested in knowing, then you have to make sure you have the data that would apply to that question.

Leaders have to drive the organization to be disciplined and consistent with respect to updating their rosters and using the primary ChMS. You have to make sure the users don't struggle with lack of detailed procedures, limited rights, or unsupported exceptions.

You also have to re-organize some things to have fewer, more useful categories like a limited number of "Participant Types."

For anything worth knowing, there are three distinct aspects to consider

  • The data
  • The data set(s) - How we'll extract the data
  • The presentation

These three aspects continuously impact each other:

  • You can only report on data you have
  • How data is entered may make building data sets difficult, incomplete, or even unreliable
  • The desired presentation may determine how the dataset must be prepared and it may drive you to capture your data differently

Most church management systems constrain all three areas:

  • They limit what data you can track
  • They limit how you can access the data and what datasets you can generate
  • They come with canned displays you cannot edit

Those constraints are not present in MinistryPlatform

As an enterprise system, it will allow you to extend the database to track more data, extract your data in any way you see fit, and present your data in any way imaginable.

This doesn't mean you have to start from scratch, but you could if you wanted to. You could also start with the above dashboard, which presupposes a few things you may or may not want to add to your database, and customize from there.

Contact Coaching to discuss you how might better analyze your data! See also Engagement Tracking.

NOTE: The above dashboard requires SQL Server Enterprise Edition.

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