Save Church Staff Time with MinistryPlatform



Did you know there are several ways to automate things in MinistryPlatform?  Here’s a list of things that help you save time along with links to our Knowledge Base articles about these automation options:



Create a process record when you want a change in your database to trigger an email, assign a task, get someone’s approval, or make another change elsewhere in the database. Learn all about Processes here. MinistryPlatform comes with built-in Processes you can modify.  Your Administrators can create new processes with and without our help.


Views & View Notifications:

Any view (saved query) can be scheduled inside of a View Notification. A view notification can deliver information in one of two ways.  First, it can send the list of records in the view to you so you can be made aware of records that need your attention.  Second, it can send each person associated with each row in that view their very own template message so they can be made aware of something important in their involvement in your church.



MinistryPlatform comes with many routines that perform complex data operations to help you manage your database. You can also request a quote from Professional Services to design custom routines that are unique to your church. One of the most popular custom routines is Segmentation and Movement, another is the Engagement Snapshot.



View notifications are great for many scenarios, but some things we need people to know about are so important that all you have to do is turn them on! These built-in notifications will ensure timely information is sent in a digest rather than as many separate emails. There are several notifications we’ve built into MinistryPlatform. You need only turn them on.  We can also build custom notifications for your church. Check out our latest report and database release notes for two new notifications related to opportunities to serve.



Your MinistryPlatform implementation runs on Microsoft SQL Server.  This means that reports can be delivered as an email or as an attachment to an email.  Some reports work better as subscriptions and this option is not available to Shared Cloud.  Your IT person would have to help with this option initially, but it is quite powerful. Learn how to create subscriptions here.


Data Drive Subscriptions: 

This is just an amped up version of Subscriptions.  If you have a large, variable number of people who need slightly different versions of a report delivered to their inbox on a schedule, this is a tool you might consider. It is only available to churches running Enterprise version of SQL Server and it is not available to Shared Cloud Edition. Learn more about Data Driven Subscriptions here.

Some of our churches are blessed with technical staff.  If your church is not one of these, then remember that you can learn what tools are in the toolbox and our Professional Services Team can help you apply the right tool to your automation goal.