Spring 2019 Product Announcements


In case you missed it… these exciting new features were revealed at MPUG 2019 and are coming soon to an MP near you!


We’ve been hearing some recurring stories from our community, so we went to work to uncover how we can address them in fun and creative ways to keep delivering value to your ministry in ways only the Platform can!

"I want to find ‘x’... I am not sure what page it’s on."

Global Search

"I forgot that update was coming… can I get a reminder?"

Product Alerts

"I have amazing data… but how do I get my leaders to care?!"

Dashboard and Charts

Want to learn more about Dashboard and Charts, check out our Charts article on the KnowledgeBase.

All these features will be available in the next – Yes! You read that right: Next! – Platform update coming this summer!


Let’s just say, we’ve been busy making Widgets!

"What ever happened to this “new Portal” I heard about?"

We tried working with a development team from Russia to rewrite the Portal. After we were well underway, a number of flags started popping up and digging into the code revealed a serious mess. We made the hard choice to end that contract and bring the Portal dev back in house.

However, that was just the first hard call. As we started to work through salvaging the code, it became apparent that it needed to be fully scrapped and re-rewritten.

So, we asked, "What if?"

We asked a (somewhat scary) question: What if we started over? And… what if we tried a totally different approach - one that we saw as the true future of the Portal anyway?

After much thought, discussion and exploration, we made the leap to start from scratch with our desired future approach for the Portal: Widgets!

"What are Widgets?"

Think: “Old” Portal page = new Widget. Each widget will be:

  • Simple! // Your website + a couple lines of code! Don’t mess with a skin!
  • Flexible! // Drop multiple configured different ways! Use which ones you want, where you want!
  • Iterable! // Create, enhance, test, and release individually!

"How will we configure Widgets?"

Widgets will be added to website via code snippets. You will “drop” a widget into your website’s HTML with a couple lines of code. These code snippets will also contain “tag attributes” which is how you will configure each widget (and how you can have a Group Finder on one page configured one way and on another page configured another way!). The style of the widget will be primarily inherited from your website. Some minor CSS change tweaks will be possible. URL filters for search parameters and direct records are still available.

"What does this mean for the current Portal?"

You can use the widgets side by side with current Portal during the transition! So you can roll out the desired widgets while phasing out the old Portal pages. The current (“old”) Portal will be supported into 2020.

"What Widgets are you currently working on?"

As you can see by some of the various screenshots provided, widgets already in progress for v1 release:

  • Group Finder
  • Group Details & Inquiry
  • Group Sign Up
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Opportunity Details and Response
  • Event Finder
  • User/Login
  • Language/Locale
  • RSS Feed (replaces Content Management)
  • My Profile (replaces My User Account)

"What is the timeline for Widgets being available?"

We are working towards Q3 2019 being about incubation, communications, webinar(s), and roll out initial widgets. Then, in Q4 2019, we will tweak and update initial widgets, create and roll out new widgets. From there: Rinse and repeat!

Keep an eye out for more information as well as supporting KB articles with all the details. Coaching and training videos and webinars are also in the works. Thanks for your patience as we pivot.

We are confident Widgets are going to be worth the wait!

Check-in Suite

The community asked us for a Check-in kiosk app and in turn asked our app partners (Online Giving’s Church App and PocketPlatform) for a Check-in system… we decided instead to work together and do what we each do best!

Fast Pass ("Pre Check-in")

We are adding a feature to Check-in Suite that recognizes a specifically formatted QR Code that can be generated ahead of time (think: Dad pulling into the parking lot at church) that when scanned at a Check-in Kiosk will automatically check the family in and print any related tags.

Online Giving and PocketPlatform will be updating their apps to pull up Events for the Household, allow selection of Events to “pre-check” into for each family member and generate the QR Code to be scanned at a Check-in Kiosk when they arrive.

We are excited about the collaboration behind this new feature!


This feature will be available for our app partners to leverage in the next – Yes! You read that right: Next! – CIS update coming this summer!
Please see Online Giving and PocketPlatform for their timeline following this update.

Excitement Abounds!

We loved the reaction of those in the MPUG audience when we made these exciting announcements! From stunned silence, gasps, shouts and applause. It was so affirming to know that all our hard work and efforts thus far and into the future are appreciated by our community helping them get fired up each day about using data to serve people.

Tying perfectly to the unofficial tagline of MPUG 2019: “We’re in the people business, not the data business.”

Keep an eye out for upcoming release notes with these exciting features as well as supporting KB articles with all the details. Coaching corner videos and webinars are also in the works! It’s going to be an awesome year!

MPUG 2020

MPUG 2020 will be in North Dallas at Christ Fellowship! Best part: we’re already working on something HUGE in anticipation of next MPUG...

"The Platform is so powerful! But it intimidates my “light” users…”

MP Lite

We are creating a new, easy and intuitive application centered around People, Groups, Events and Prayer! It will be a progressive web app that will run anywhere - desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet - and will include add and edit ability through wizards replacing MobileTools, MP Mobile (Android) and MP MP Mobile (iOS).




More information coming as progress is made on this new application!

Phew!!! What a line-up of awesome, valuable features coming your way. We're super excited because we can see how your ministry will be positively impacted, and we love it when that happens.