The New BMT


If you haven’t heard by now, we have a brand new Batch Manager Tool! Things have been revamped and redesigned to be better than ever.

First things first. We’ve been testing the new BMT for a while now and by the time this post is live, you should already have it loaded onto your system.

Here’s what it looks like:

Compared to what it used to look like: 


Big improvement, eh? Whether you’ve tried it out already or not, you might have questions. Here are the top questions we’ve been asked:

  1. What does this mean for the DBT?
    You can continue to use the DBT. However, we will no longer be deploying updates for the DBT. And, starting early 2017, we will no longer support DBT.
  2. Can I use both DBT and the Batch Manager Tool?
    There is no need to use both applications as the Batch Manager Tool performs all the same functions as DBT - and more! If you are using both for an interim period of time to adjust, please be careful not to duplicate or overwrite something you or another user started on or are working on in the other application.
  3. Does the Batch Manager Tool cost extra?
    No, the Batch Manager Tool is included in your license and service agreements as part of your MinistryPlatform suite of applications.
  4. How many people can use the Batch Manager Tool?
    Anyone with the appropriate Security Role can use the Batch Manager Tool. There is not a limit on how many users can have these roles or how many machines the Batch Manager Scanning Tool can be installed on.

If that doesn’t cover it, here’s a link to the rest of the frequently asked questions.

We also have a page on the Knowledge Base telling you about the new BMT.

If that’s not enough, there was even a full length webinar that you can watch here.

What you might be thinking by now is, okay this seems cool, but why the redesign? Here are some key features of the changes, and how the new tool will benefit you and your team:

  • Cleaner, Easier User Interface and Navigation
    • There is now just one screen with all the details you need for donations, instead of different screens for each donation.
    • You can leave your mouse behind, because the new BMT is also much more keyboard friendly. Tab away! You can even customize your tabbing to better suit your needs.
  • CAR/LAR Recognition
    • If you don’t know what that means, trust us, it’s a big deal. This means that the BMT can now read the handwriting and amounts from checks and will autofill the amount for you.
    • It will even search for a donor account match in your database and if nothing is found, read the address off the check so that the new donor can be added quickly and easily.
  • New Export Functionality (Including x937 Bank Format!)
    • There is no longer a third party app like Remit Plus required for exporting. That means things are simpler, easier, and yes, cheaper!
    • The new function will send images and donation details to your bank so you don’t have to physically send checks in.
    • We’ve also added the ability to export to Excel, which was not a possibility before.
  • It Lives in the Cloud
    • The BMT is also cloud-based, which has a few benefits in itself. When updates are available, it only needs to be updated on the cloud, not to each church separately, which means no more waiting for the rollout to come to you.
    • Because it’s web based, that means there’s nothing to download. It also means there’s no more having to configure API information to run. The BMT automatically talks to MP, which creates a more seamless environment.

We’re pretty excited about the new BMT, and we hope you are, too! Here's how you can get started today:

  1. Watch the overview video
  2. Give the appropriate users a BMT Security Role
  3. Login to the BMT
  4. If using a scanner, install and run the Scan Tool
  5. Start your first batch!

If you have a BMT question not addressed in the KB, please check with your SPoC. If you are a SPoC, don't hesitate to reach out to Support!