The PocketPlatform App: Five Things You Need to Know


At the MinistryPlatform User group (MPUG) 2018, PocketPlatform released their new app, built from the ground up with MinistryPlatform users in mind. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

"We saw a gap in the app market for churches, mostly because there are a lot of great platforms out there, but all of them are their own sandbox. So, a new app required a lot of double entry, additional training, additional cost, and they were hard to keep up. Our vision was to make MinistryPlatform the content management system for their church app. So, there is no additional entry, no additional training. It relieves the workload on the ministry, leaving them more time to do ministry, and less time doing administration. That was our big goal. We wanted to figure out a way to make it easier for churches to have an app." -- Scott Logan, PocketPlatform

PocketPlatform's Tyndall Wakeham and Scott Logan met with MinistryPlatform CEO, Chris Kehayias in December of 2017 to get his thoughts on the project. "We had this great idea, but we did not want to move forward unless Chris could see some longevity to the idea." Luckily for all the churches involved, Chris brought his usual enthusiasm to the table, and the rest is history. Tyndall and Scott created the app for four beta churches over the Spring of 2018: 

Scott said that the “... overall response has been just awesome. We actually haven’t had any negative feedback so far. That’s been really encouraging and really positive." They are already working on improvements and additional functionality to be released in the next few months. 

"Tyndall and I are doing what we’re doing because we really love serving and supporting ministry. Both of us have worked vocationally in ministry. It’s just such a cool thing to make church apps so much simpler.”

Five Things to Know About PocketPlatform

Streamlined Content Management

In English, this means that instead of creating duplicate entries for your church app, PocketPlatform dynamically pulls any information from MinistryPlatform directly to the app. This is a huge time-saver!

"If you’re already using MP widgets from Blackpulp then you’re familiar with how convenient it is to create an event, serving opportunity or group and have it immediately accessible on your website. PocketPlatform extends this to your app as well." 

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Single Sign-On

PocketPlatform uses the same login information that congregants use for your ministry’s website (via the portal). This simplicity creates a one-of-a-kind user experience that allows for smart notifications, easy check-in, and one-click registrations that seamlessly tie together. 

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Truly Dynamic Content

Maximize user engagement with tailored messaging and functionality. Ministry Platform can track important user information that allows your church to communicate more effectively with your congregation. For instance, if a church member registers for an event, your church could set up a check-in reminder to spur involvement, or send important notifications right through the app. 

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Engaging Tools

“Tyndall and I work with a lot of MinistryPlatform churches and we noticed how central MinistryPlatform was to those churches. We thought, 'If we’re looking for a system to integrate with to make managing their app easier, MP was a very natural selection.'” 

Dynamic, built-in tools utilize the power of MinistryPlatform to provide deep insight and useful analytics about your congregation, allowing your care teams to minister more effectively. Imagine receiving a notification that your Divorce Recovery Group is suddenly garnering a lot of interest. With this valuable information, church leadership now knows how to offer support and can quickly pivot their ministry efforts to better serve the community.  

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PocketPlatform is Giving Impartial

MinistryPlatform has always held the belief that only you know what works best for your church. With this ideal at the forefront, the app allows you to choose the giving solution that works best for your congregation and makes that integration as seamless as possible. PocketPlatform has partnered with some of the biggest giving companies to streamline giving opportunities and promote a financially healthy church. 

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