We Have Been Busy Improving Check-In



So, out with it. What's new? ...

Well, we made it prettier, introduced a more modern interface, and made it even more responsive to different screen sizes.

And that’s just the beginning...

Say hello to a better-looking interface

Check-In Suite Interface

Big picture changes in our Check-In re-write include the ability to:

  • Load balance your rooms: Participants will be placed into rooms by priority and space
  • Change the language of the Check-in User Interface to Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and more!
  • Use your favorite browser for checking people in. A printing service can be installed on any Windows machine, allowing that machine to serve as the printer for other tablets and devices.

New Admin Console: Custom Colors and Backgrounds

Check-In Suite Admin Console

A new Admin Console has been designed for Administrators to:

  • Create themes by adding background images and changing color schemes
  • Create name tags by applying new features (like icons) to better distinguish special needs
  • Determine how many and which name tags to print for each group
  • Monitor rooms and groups for space and volunteer ratios
  • Monitor printing and printer issues across the entire event

More Freedom to Customize Name Tags and Monitor Groups

Check-In Suite Customize Name Tags

Our Classroom Manager Application has been completely merged with Check-In. We’ve even added a few new features, like the ability to text parents directly. This part of the new Check-In will help your volunteers get to know families and create a more secure worship experience.

Classroom Manager Merges with Check-In to Give Volunteers More Insight

Check-In Suite Classroom Manager

If your church hasn’t been using Classroom Manager in its earlier incarnation, consider giving your teachers access to this in the new Check-In. They will appreciate a display with pictures of those in the room, and those who are on their way to the room. They will be able to add notes and check children out once an authorized person arrives to pick up the child.

Third Generation Check-In System

Check-In Suite Third Generation

This Check-In System represents our third generation of Check-In for MinistryPlatform. Your church family will recognize the familiar Check-In experience. But these changes will help you streamline your Sunday morning experience, giving volunteers more insight into what is happening at your event and allowing you to deploy a greater variety of hardware.

This is a big change and our team is here to help you roll it out.

You’ll be able to use the new system alongside the existing Check-In Application (CheckIn2). There will be new security roles to apply, new auto-login URLs to generate, and changes to how events are set up. Our team has a step-by-step transition plan outlined to ensure you succeed.

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