We're Growing

Kevin McCord

We're Growing

It can be tough to find people with the right skills and passion to serve the church. It would be even harder if we had to relocate them. The good news is, the MinistryPlatform team that supports our churches is spread around our great country just as our churches are.

We already had team members in Florida, Georgia, California, Oregon, Maryland, North Carolina and Missouri. And now we'd like to introduce our new team members, hailing from Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, and Maryland!

Trace Jackson has taken on the new role of MP Evangelist.

Trace has been part of the MinistryPlatform community for over eight years. She was the lead SPoC at Christ Fellowship in McKinney, TX. She'll combine her love of MinistryPlatform with her experience as a Connections Pastor and Communications Director to help us grow our community.

Angie Eames is now one of our full-time support agents.

She lives in North Carolina today with husband Dan Eames who is one of our software engineers. Angie has a background in accounting as well as experience as a SPoC at one of our largest churches, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. Angie and Dan first learned about MinistryPlatform during their time at Faith Chapel in Billings, MT.

Fun fact: Dan first met the MP community at an MPUG hosted by Trace Jackson at Christ Fellowship, McKinney. It's a small world!

Heather Heramski joins us as a part-time support agent.

She lives in Michigan where she discovered her aptitude for all things MinistryPlatform while serving as part of Midland EV Free. Heather impressed our team with how quickly she learned to apply MinistryPlatform in new and useful ways at her church.

Frank Smith is our newest professional services technician.

Frank was a volunteer helping Church of the Nativity with their MinistryPlatform reporting. He is our second Maryland team member living just a few miles from Support Director Andrea McGough.

We are grateful for the churches who released these team members to serve the entire MinistryPlatform community. These individuals were key players in their respective home churches. In some cases, life circumstances caused them to move and we were happy to add them to our team. In others, we had to go hat in hand to their supervisors and ask if we could have them on our team for a season.

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