Where Do New Reports Come From?


Every three to four months, the MinistryPlatform team deploys report & database updates. Most of the releases will involve enhancements and bug fixes, but we typically include at least one new report or notification (a report delivered via email).

You might be wondering who decides what new reports to include and how those reports get designed.

There is no committee. New reports and notifications often result from interactions between our Professional Services Team and our churches. Here’s the story of one such report that you will see very soon in your instance of MinistryPlatform.

In February of 2018, Justin and Jason from Granger Church indicated that their users needed a new report. The name they gave this project was the "Event Summary Report." Justin explained the report as one that would “get everything in one place related to the web-facing side of an event.”

After a bit of scoping of this report via email, the team at MinistryPlatform quoted a time of 2-4 hours to produce the desired report. The final title was changed to "Record Review & Useful Links."

Here is an example of the report as run from an event in MinistryPlatform:

Granger Report

The Professional Services Team was pleased with the results and we had a feeling that this could be useful to other churches. We showed this report to our Support and Training Teams and they agreed this report would help the MinistryPlatform community at large. We then showed the report to a few other churches and they definitely wanted it!

So, we made a few rounds of additional enhancements to ensure the report would be general enough for everyone to use. The report is now slated to go out to the community in an upcoming report release.

Granger had the idea and paid for round one. We owe them a big thanks!

MinistryPlatform ran with that idea and invested in round two. The Report will now be maintained by MinistryPlatform as part of our normal maintenance. 

Every Professional Services project we engage in for our community addresses a need at a church, but these select projects that can benefit the entire community are really exciting. It’s an example of the synergy that exists when one company makes and supports the product and remains in close communication with the churches who use it.