14 Nov

Membership Renewal at CCCC

Membership isn't as simple as it used to be. Some churches don't even do it anymore. Some churches have members periodically renew their membership. Find out how one church streamlined the management of their unique membership rules through Minist... Read More

6 Nov

Better Together: Meet Sodium Halogen

Sodium Halogen is the newest MinistryPlatform partner that works with churches to implement MinistryPlatform and help churches grow. This Tennessee-based company has been working hard with Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson to create some really cool... Read More

11 Oct

Better Together: Focus Missions and Pushpay Integration

At MinistryPlatform, we work hard with our partners to help them create ecosystems that can better serve the church. One such partnership that was recently revealed is the new integration between Pushpay and Focus Missions. This integration allows Pu... Read More

10 Oct

Guest Post with Kent Woodyard from Pushpay

MinistryPlatform invited Pushpay’s Director of Business Development to share his thoughts on their latest integration with Focus Missions and what it means for MinistryPlatform users. Kent Woodyard has been with Pushpay since January of 2017, focusin... Read More

19 Sep

Premium Features Out of the Box!

Over the years we've worked with our churches to identify ways to more efficiently enter both check and cash donations into MinistryPlatform. We've found ways to help churches with multiple locations as well as those who recruit volunteers for this ... Read More

12 Aug

Integration with Protect My Ministry

Did you know that MinistryPlatform fully integrates with Protect My Ministry to provide seamless background checks for your volunteers? Read More

27 Jul

The MinistryPlatform Team is Growing

Chris Kehayias, CEO at Think Ministry, has led the Executive Team on a review process focused on re-organizing our growing team. This process began during the spring and is being implemented this summer. The main goal of this re-organization is to be... Read More

25 Jun

The PocketPlatform App: Five Things You Need to Know

At the MinistryPlatform User group (MPUG) 2018, PocketPlatform released their new app, built from the ground up with MinistryPlatform congregants in mind. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Read More

21 Jun

Indiana Resource Grant - Center for Congregations

If you are an Indiana-based church who could use some extra funding, check out the Center for Congregations' Resource Grant. Read More

13 Jun

Customer Spotlight: Sagemont Church

Scott Reichling has been the IT Director at Sagemont since 2002. For more than fifteen years, he has faithfully served the church by managing Sagemont’s computer and network infrastructure. His background in Church IT Consulting works to his advantag... Read More

15 May

MPUG: a Gift to our Community from our Community

We just wrapped up our 8th MinistryPlatform User Group Meeting (MPUG)! This event spans three days and costs a mere $130 per attendee in 2018. The swag and food are amazing. If you opted for a full day of training beforehand, you invested another $... Read More

30 Apr

MPUG 2018 - What's in Store?

We got the chance to sit down with Esther Thompson from MinistryPlatform to talk about the upcoming MinistryPlatform User Group (MPUG) conference. Esther has been with the company for over four years and is the brains behind MPUG as we know it today.... Read More

2 Apr

Save Church Staff Time with MinistryPlatform

Do you know all the ways that MinistryPlatform can save your church staff time? Our powerful, flexible system can get you all the data you need at the click of a button! Read More

21 Mar

Customer Spotlight: Midland Evangelical Free Church

This week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Heather Haremski, the Database Administrator at Midland Evangelical Free in Midland, Michigan. Heather joined the staff at Midland Free in 2015 and right off the bat, was given the monumental task of ove... Read More

13 Mar

Customer Spotlight: Bent Tree Bible Fellowship

Jason Johnston has been on staff with Bent Tree Bible Fellowship since 2015 and was hired on right around the time that the church made the switch to MinistryPlatform for their Church Management System. When he isn’t managing the mega-church’s databa... Read More

7 Mar

Where Do New Reports Come From?

You might be wondering who decides what new reports to include and how those reports get designed... Read More

27 Feb

Customer Spotlight: Burnt Hickory Baptist Church

This month, we witnessed Burnt Hickory Baptist Church roll out their new app to their congregation, and our jaws were on the floor. The app was beautifully designed, expertly structured, clean, and simple to use, and we couldn't contain our excitemen... Read More

14 Feb

Creating Custom Fields... No Programmer Required

MinistryPlatform is unique among all church management systems. It allows for custom fields on any form without programming. Do you want to add a date field, a true/false question, a text value or a drop down list? No problem. Access to your SQL Se... Read More

7 Feb

Designed for an Ecosystem

The Church Software space has seen radical changes the last several years as the market has begun transitioning away from single sourced “do it all” solutions towards a collection of applications and services that offer “best of breed” functionality ... Read More

29 Jan

Customer Spotlight: Granger Community Church - Part 2

The second part of a two-part interview with Granger's Jason Powell. We discuss CITRT, his first impressions of the MinistryPlatform User Group Conference, and his journey to becoming a MinistryPlatform Customer. Read More

25 Jan

We Have Been Busy Improving Check-In

We’ve been busy improving Check-In for MinistryPlatform! We made it prettier, introduced a more modern interface, and made it even more responsive to different screen sizes. That’s just the beginning! Read More

18 Jan

Customer Spotlight: Granger Community Church - Part 1

This week, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Jason Powell, the Director of Information Technology at Granger Community Church. Granger has been heavily involved in our MinistryPlatform community: contributing to in-person events, and he... Read More

8 Jan

Which MinistryPlatform Edition is Right for My Church?

Are you unsure whether a particular MinistryPlatform edition is right for your church? Maybe it is time to switch editions? Each MinistryPlatform Edition was designed for a specific scenario. Read More

26 Dec

Is Ministry Platform Software as a Service (Saas)?

MinistryPlatform can be hosted in the cloud and we can take care of ALL the technical aspects of hosting for you with either our Dedicated Cloud or our Shared Cloud editions. Read More

11 Dec

Don’t Leave Your Money Behind!

Just the other day Kevin and Amanda were talking to a church that was hoping our implementation team could combine their contributions database with their member database as part of the 9-week MinistryPlatform implementation. We said “yes” becaus... Read More

28 Nov

Who is your Church Database Champion?

Your Church Management System (ChMS) needs a champion. This person is committed to your church. They also care deeply about the needs of your users. They will learn what the system can do and translate that into opportunities for your team. Your ... Read More

9 Nov

Capterra Article: Who Will You Trust to Pick Your Next Church Database System?

Out all the of entries submitted, MinistryPlatform is excited to announce that Capterra chose to feature our article on their site's Church Management Blog! The piece, written by our very own Kevin McCord, details the process involved in selecting a ... Read More

11 Feb

MPUG 2017 Training

It's time to mark your calendar and start getting ready for MPUG 2017. MPUG is the Community highlight of the year and is an amazing opportunity to be inspired and connect with other churches. Read More

9 Jan

7 Reasons to Like Mobile Reports for SQL Server 2016

Reports are great tools for the church world. They track giving, attendance, serving, and so much more. But reports are only useful if the information can be viewed in a way that makes sense. If you’ve ever generated a report using SQL Server, you kn... Read More

2 Jan

How to "Sort of" Filter Sub Pages

Filtered pages are immensely useful. They allow access for many people to help in editing and adding data, while keeping things limited where they need to be. Using filtered pages, you could give someone access to edit small groups only versus giving... Read More

28 Oct

The New BMT

If you haven’t heard by now, we have a brand new Batch Manager Tool! Things have been revamped and redesigned to be better than ever. Learn all about this new and exciting tool. Read More

9 Sep

The Five-Minute Demo

Most companies do anything to make a sale. They give long demos, hoping to secure interest and gain a new client, whether the product is ideal for that client or not. But that’s never been the goal of Think Ministry, as evidenced by the infamous five... Read More

31 Aug

MPUG 2017

It's time to mark your calendar and start getting ready for MPUG 2017. MPUG is the Community highlight of the year and is an amazing opportunity to be inspired and connect with other churches. Read More

15 Aug

A2iA Case Study

Within the MinistryPlatform product suite is a tool called the Batch Manager. The Batch Manager Tool is designed to assist donation-accepting organizations focus on modernizing their workflows and to process donations more efficiently, from multiple... Read More

8 Aug

Victory Family Group Finder

Victory Family Church didn’t always have small groups. But, a few years ago, during a time of major structure changes to the way the congregation connects to one another, small groups were introduced. Like any new phase in a large church, this change... Read More