Batch Manager Tool - October 2016

Scan Tool

  • Enhanced the Scan Tool to remember the selected device after downloading a Scan Tool update.
As a result of this enhancement, you will need to follow the prompt to update your Scan Tool next time you log into the BMT.


  • Fixed an issue where (often after a scanner jam) checks continue to scan, but Donations are not created in the Batch.
  • Enhanced scanning performance to streamline UI and optimize record creation.


  • Fixed an issue where Events selected on a Donation Distribution were not saved.
  • Fixed an issue where some auto assigned Distributions were not saved and made the Batch "invalid".
  • Fixed an issue where a Donor Account record was created for Default Contact if Donor not initially matched.


  • Fixed an issue where the Export dialogue closed after a Batch was chosen to export.
Remember: Always navigate to (or have bookmarked) (the URL will then auto update to the latest version) in order to ensure you are always taken to the most up to date version of the BMT.

Last Modified: 3/30/2018

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