Batch Manager Tool - November 2018

*Important* As a result of this update, you will need to update the Scan Service when prompted. 
  • *New* Added duplicate check detection. This will identify checks which have previously been scanned into any batch (any MP Donation with MICR data will be compared to determine duplicates). 
  • Enhanced the Scan Service dialog to indicate when a URL exception may be needed. 
  • Enhanced scanning so that OCR parsing supports mixed case for sequence indicators (e.g. 114th instead of 114Th).
  • Enhanced scanning so that MICR parsing allows for checks with the check number printed between the routing and account numbers. 
  • Fixed an issue for CR-190i scanners where scanning "Checks Only" required two attempts and the dismissal of an error message each time. 
  • Fixed an issue where scanning under "Envelopes Only" created files in the Platform named "Check_Front" and "Check_Back". The files are now named "Envelope_Front" and "Envelope_Back" respectively.
  • Enhanced the Batch Properties dialog by widening the Available Programs and Selected Programs columns to better accommodate lengthy titles. 
  • Fixed an issue where force focus could become locked on the last Donation in large batches and prevent scrolling. 
  • Enhanced the New Donor dialog to populate both the First Name and Nickname fields on the Contact record with the First Name provided.
  • Enhanced visibility when the New Donor dialog is launched by lightening the background overlay. This allows dark colored or patterned checks to be read more easily.
  • Enhanced the Multiple Matches Found list to display the First Name in parenthesis when it differs from Nickname. 
  • Enhanced sorting in the Donor column to distinctly group Default Contacts and Multiple Matches Found. 
  • Enhanced the New Donor dialog by widening the Prefix field. 
  • Enhanced the New Donor dialog by renaming the field Country to Country Code. This change also limits the field to 3 characters or less. 
  • *New* Payment Type can now be changed on the Donation level. A Default Payment Type must still be configured in the Batch Settings, but may be overridden for individual Donation(s). 
  • Enhanced the MICR data default sequence to be personal rather than business. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Item Number for non-check Donations would accept more than 15 characters causing an error. 
  • Enhanced the x937 file export to including an incrementing value for the File ID Modifier. This value will increment per export/per day, starting again at 1 for the next day's first export. 
  • Enhanced the x937 file export to support two distinct values for Origin Routing Number and Image Creator Routing Number which may be required by some banks. If you already have an x937 file configured for the BMT and would like to take advantage of this feature, please have a SPoC email Support.
  • Enhanced the x937 file export to include the option for a distinct virtual deposit routing number which may be required by some banks. If you already have an x937 file configured for the BMT and would like to take advantage of this feature, please have a SPoC email Support.
  • Fixed an issue where a x937 file export with only a few characters in the deposit ticket image produced an error. 
  • Fixed an issue where exporting to file type XLS or CSV displayed a warning when an un-finalized batch is selected. The warning pertained to creating Deposit records, which is not available for these file types. 
  • Enhanced the import dialog with an option to select all batches from a file. 
  • Enhanced the Audit Log to specify the currently logged-in user by appending APIUser with "(On behalf of Last, First)". 
  • Fixed an issue where logging out led to an error rather than the login dialog
Update Scanning Service *All Scanner Users*
  1. Login to the Batch Manager Tool (https://<your domain>
  2. When presented with the Scan Service is Out of Date dialogue, click Download Scanning Service.
  3. Open the Setup Wizard (depending on your browser and machine you might need to also "allow" or "keep" or "run" to launch).
  4. Click Next.
  5. Review and accept the License Agreement.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review the Destination Folder and change, if needed.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Install.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Upon returning to the BMT, if presented with the Scanner Not Ready dialogue, click Try Again.
  12. Go to "Batch Manager Settings" (the drop down on the right side of the scan button) to ensure that the right scanner is selected

BMT Version 3.10.12
Scan Service Version 3.10.23

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Last Modified: 11/7/2018

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