Batch Manager Tool - March 2019

Don't miss the exciting new color scheme and enhancements for Donor search results, column selection, and much more!
*Important* As a result of this update, you will need to update the Scan Service when prompted. 
  • *New* Added support for the Epson TM-S2000 scanner.
  • Enhanced duplicate detection to only flag possible duplicate Donations with a Payment Type of Check.
  • Enhanced MICR parsing to better read Independent Bank non-standard MICR formats to aid in Donor matching.
  • Enhanced MICR parsing to better read Carter Bank & Trust non-standard MICR formats to aid in Donor matching.
  • Fixed an issue where scanner selection was not retained after updating the Scan Service.
  • Fixed an issue where images might be slow to load or, although saved in the Platform, might not appear in the BMT UI after saving.
  • Enhanced the Batch Properties dialog to filter Programs list based on Congregation selected.
  • Enhanced the Batch Properties dialog with a longer Setup Date field to accommodate smaller screen resolutions.
  • Enhanced the Donor History dialog to include the Item Number of Donations shown.
  • Enhanced the Donor History dialog to include the most recent 5 Donations (not just the last 5 Donation Distributions).
  • Enhanced the Donor search and Soft Credit Donor search drop downs to include Household Position, Mobile Phone and Email Address.
  • Enhanced data entry when assigning Donors via envelope number by searching and assigning the Donor by simply tabbing off the Envelope Number field (enter no longer required).
  • *New* Column Selection (tab scope) is now retained between sessions (until browser cache is cleared).
  • Enhanced tab scope to include option to exclude the Memo field to aid in data entry.
  • Enhanced Donations to populate the Envelope Number field for Donors with an Envelope Number when a Donor is selected from Donor search.
  • Enhanced the Batch Properties dialog with a longer Program field to accommodate longer Program names.
  • Fixed an issue where tabbing would go to the Soft Credit field even if not in tab scope (unchecked).
  • Fixed an issue where the first Distribution amount was not applied to the first of the default Programs for the Batch automatically when the Donation total was added.
  • Enhanced the x937 file to include the option to separate out the "deposit" bundle into its own bundle for multi-batch files.
  • Enhanced the x937 file export to include additional non-standard fields required by certain Bank of the West branches.
  • *New* Updated the BMT header and color theme to match the latest MP logo and be more consistent with other MP applications. Updated screen shots coming soon!
Update Scanning Service *All Scanner Users*
  1. Login to the Batch Manager Tool (https://<your domain>
  2. When presented with the Scan Service is Out of Date dialogue, click Download Scanning Service.
  3. Open the Setup Wizard (depending on your browser and machine you might need to also "allow" or "keep" or "run" to launch).
  4. Click Next.
  5. Review and accept the License Agreement.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review the Destination Folder and change, if needed.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Install.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Upon returning to the BMT, if presented with the Scanner Not Ready dialogue, click Try Again.
  12. Go to "Batch Manager Settings" (the drop down on the right side of the scan button) to ensure that the right scanner is selected.

BMT Version 4.3.5
Scan Service Version

Video: Coaching Corner

0:06 - Opening comments
2:29 - New color scheme
3:10 - Congregation filter
4:20 - Column retention
7:00 - Cell phone, email, and HH position additions

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Last Modified: 4/16/2019

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