Batch Manager Tool - February 2020

Don't miss the exciting simplified navigation, Global Filter support, primary image control, and much more!
*Important* As a result of this update, you will need to update the Scan Service when prompted. If needed, see Scanner Troubleshooting.

Video: Coaching Corner

If you use User Congregations, they will no longer be honored by the BMT. In lieu of User Congregations, please ensure that all BMT users have the appropriate Global Filter permissions.
  • *New* Added physical endorsement support to the Scan Service for Cannon scanner models that can print (More models to come in future releases).
  • *New* Envelopes can now be displayed as the primary image rather than checks by enabling "Show Envelop as Primary" from the View menu.
  • Enhanced Scan Service "Out of Date" dialog to more clearly illustrate which version is currently installed and which version is required. 
  • Enhanced MICR formatting to properly parse Item Numbers with an unexpected placement in relation to the Account Number. 
  • Enhanced error message displayed when Routing Numbers include a hyphen or dash to clearly communicate use of this character results in an invalid format.
  • Enhanced MICR formatting to properly parse exaggerated spacing in account numbers. 
  • Enhanced count displayed while check images are saving to include the total, for example "Saving check images... 3 of 50". 
  • Enhanced MICR dialog to validate Routing Numbers.
  • Enhanced Batch details by calculating and displaying the difference between expected total and current total. 
  • Enhanced Audit Log entries for deleted Donations to credit the action on behalf of the authentication User. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Donation total of a Batch's final Donation was not written to the Platform until another data change was made. 
  • Fixed an issue where Distribution fields would become misaligned for lower resolutions or smaller browser windows. 
  • Enhanced Bank (X937) Exports to filter Bank Settings by a User's Global Filters. To associate a Bank Settings File with a specific Congregation, please contact Support. 
  • Enhanced the ICL Bank File drop down to honor Global Filter permissions. To assign a Congregation to an existing Bank File, please contact Support.
  • Enhanced Export to allow a user-defined Deposit Name when creating a Deposit record. 
Configuration / Security
  • Enhanced application to use the latest .Net framework which supports the latest TLS version.
Update Scanning Service *All Scanner Users*
  1. Login to the Batch Manager Tool (https://<your domain>
  2. When presented with the Scan Service is Out of Date dialogue, click Download Scanning Service.
  3. Open the Setup Wizard (depending on your browser and machine you might need to also "allow" or "keep" or "run" to launch).
  4. Click Next.
  5. Review and accept the License Agreement.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review the Destination Folder and change, if needed.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Install.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Upon returning to the BMT, if presented with the Scanner Not Ready dialogue, click Try Again.
  12. Go to "Batch Manager Settings" (the drop down on the right side of the scan button) to ensure that the right scanner is selected.

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Last Modified: 2/13/2020

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