Check-In 2 - Winter 2016

Login & Logout Screens:
  • Fixed an issue where re-authentication was not being required when editing a URL originated from an Auto URL.
  • Fixed an issue where Auto URLs inconsistently navigated to search, settings, login or log off screens.
  • Fixed an issue where logging off from unattended mode would create a loop of logging on and off.
  • The login and log off behaviors have been enhanced so that:
    • The Logoff screen has been removed.
    • The Exit button has been removed from the Search screen.
    • Unattended mode includes the Settings button instead of the Exit button.
    • If Settings is clicked accidentally, click Cancel (or wait 30 seconds) to be returned to the Search screen.
Search Screen:
  • Fixed an issue where the onscreen keyboard would cover up other certain fields.        
  • Fixed an issue where the search would be possible but would hang if the search contained fewer characters than the minimum search length configuration setting.
  • Search results have been enhanced to provide error details, if applicable, instead of becoming unresponsive.
  • Attendant password field has been enhanced so that attendants can now press enter to perform a search.
Search Results Screen:
  • "Search by ID" has been enhanced to show search results screen if multiple events/groups are returned.      
  • Search results have been enhanced to include various UI improvements to increase usability like:
    • Removing unnecessary/confusing labeling. (like family member and participant ID)
    • Making individual names larger.
    • Making names listed First Name Last Name.
    • Showing gender abbreviation to assist in selecting individuals quickly.
Add/Edit Family:
  • Fixed an issue where new Participants added at an attended station were checked into all open Events.
  • Fixed an issue where punctuation was prevented from being added to the City field.
  • Edit Family screen has been enhanced to label "Phone" as "Home Phone" for clarification. 
  • Add/Edit Member screen has been enhanced to include a "Save & Close" button to expedite data entry.
Print & Print Preview Screens:
  • Fixed an issue where the fewest number of tags was being printed when checking into multiple groups with differing number of tags.  
  • Fixed an issue removing the potential for duplicate event participants to be created when rendering the print preview page.
  • Fixed an issue where the first name would print despite the name tag template using the Nickname token.
  • Fixed an issue where special characters in a Room name prevented printing to that room.
  • Room list in printer assignment dialog has been enhanced to filter for only the Groups in scope.
  • Guest tags have been enhanced to include the family call number of the family they check in with. (if that token is present in the name tag template)
  • Fixed an issue where theme names with certain special characters (such as dash) were not being displayed on Settings screen drop down.
  • CSS class attributes have been enhanced to add (.required-invalid) to allow for customization of required field validation.        

Last Modified: 3/30/2018

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