Check-In 2 Troubleshooting Tips

As of August 31, 2019, we will officially no longer support either Check-In 2 or (standalone) Classroom Manager. They have both been replaced by Check In Suite! If you haven't made the transition yet, we have created a sample transition plan here to help. If you have any questions, need any help making the transition, or feel something is preventing you from making the transition, please don't hesitate to contact Support.

Hitting some bumps as you run Check-In? Here are some items to check as you try to discover what's going wrong.

Event-Specific Issues

The workstation was set up, but now it's frozen and/or won't search for people:

  • Try hitting F5 to refresh the browser.
  • Try hitting CTRL + ALT + Delete and close the web browser. Then open a new web browser and reconfigure your session
  • If the workstation uses wireless internet, it's possible the wireless connection has been lost. Try to reconnect to the internet. 

Some of the buttons at the bottom of the screen aren't showing up:

  • Hit F11 to set the screen to full screen.

My Event isn't showing up on the Settings screen:

A name tag is printing and I don't want it to be:

A name tag is not printing and I want one to be:

  • Make sure Do Not Print is not checked on the Settings screen
  • If you need a Security Name Tag to print, make sure the Groups associated with the Event have Secure Check-In set to True.

When I try to check-in, it says "Check-In Closed-Come back Soon" in the search results:

  • Check the time. If you're in Unattended mode and it's before or after the allowed Check-In period, you won't be able to check-in unless you change the Event settings or use Attended Mode

I added a Group to an Event after the check-in workstations were set up, and people in that Group aren't able to check-in:

  • Hit F5 on each workstation to refresh it. Since the workstations were already set up by the time you added the Group, the browser sessions were not forced to refresh in order to recognize that change.

The auto-URL check-in stations are showing an error:

  • Ensure that the user who created the auto-URLs still has rights to check-in. Either re-assign them rights or re-create your auto-URL.

IT-Specific Issues

If Check-In still isn't functioning as expected, consider these items. Going through these details will help you either discover yourself what is going wrong or help you provide additional details to Support if you have to contact them:

  • Is the Search box of Check-In auto-filling with the username from the Settings screen? Make sure your Firefox settings are correct, as this issue is often due to Firefox remembering passwords and allowing auto-fill.
  • Is the touch screen not enabling the "search" button after you have typed in a name or phone number? This is related to your version of Firefox. Please revert to an older version of Firefox and try again.
  • Is the issue happening at all check-in workstations or just one specific station? If it's not happening on all stations, are your stations set up the same? (e.g., same printers, same browser settings, etc.)
  • Is the issue happening every time someone tries to check-in? If not, can you discern a common characteristic to the ones who experience the issue?
  • Does the issue happen for all Events or just specific Events? If it's just specific Events, can you discern a common characteristic to the Events that experience the issue?
  • Were any changes recently made to the workstation(s) that are not working as expected? (e.g., updates, clearing/resetting)
  • Do you have any automatic clearing/resetting set up on your check-in workstations?
  • If your issue is related to name tag printing:
    • Is the route to your MinistryPlatform server an internal one? (rather than going through the firewall and then back in)
    • Check the IDS/IDP/Content Filtering settings. Is anything inadvertently blocking CSS?
    • Could anything else be blocking CSS? (e.g., firewall getting overloaded during Check-In)
    • Ensure the JS Print Plug-in is working and that all of it is enabled on all sites.
    • Try flushing the browser caches on the check-in workstations to be sure the latest versions are loaded.
    • Ensure nothing is flushing the cache in the midst of check-in.
    • Check that all header and footer settings are cleared and that printer margins are set to 0.
    • If there is anti-virus software installed to ensure that check-in is listed as an exception?
    • Under Firefox Page Setup, verify that "Shrink to Fit Page Width" is checked.
  • Did you recently cleanup/delete any Lookup Values? (e.g., Participant Type) If yes, check Configuration Settings to make sure whatever you removed isn't directly used by the system.
  • Are you having issues with a print dialogue pop-up regarding preferences?
    • In Firefox, browse to about.config.
    • Right-click in the preferences area and choose New > Integer.
    • Copy and Paste this preference name: dom.successive_dialog_time_limit.
    • Enter a 0 (zero) for the value and click OK.

Last Modified: 3/13/2019

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