Participant Details

When a user selects a Participant, they can see the Event, check in status, age, date of birth, attributes, date of last attendance, and family and authorized households.

Also, from the Participant Details screen, many actions are available to them. These actions depend in part on the individual's current check-in status (if they are checked in, marked present, etc.).  Events will stay available for 30 minutes after the Event End time. 

Mark Present

The User can tap this button to confirm that a Participant is physically present in the classroom. It is available if at least one Group is chosen from the Selected Group list and the Participant is checked-in but not present, or not checked-in. If the child was not previously checked in, this button performs both actions (checking the Participant into the Event and marking them present).

When the classroom attendant or Group Leader launches the Mark Present dialog they are able to specify a Room per Group. If all Participants in a selection belong to the same Group, only one Group will be shown. Only Rooms associated via Room Reservations will appear in each Group's drop-down. Room capacities will update as each Group is assigned. 

If needed, you can mark a Participant present who was previously checked out. From the Checked-Out view, open the Participant and click Mark Present. This moves the Participant to the Present view. This also removes the Time Out value and updates the Time In value on the Event Participant record.

Check Out

When the Participant leaves (or a parent/guardian comes to pick up the Participant), this button lets the church record that the Participant is no longer at the Event (or for kids, under the church's watch).  

Update Photo

The user can take a photo of the selected Participant, updating their information in MinistryPlatform.

This feature requires a camera device to be present on the workstation. The first time selected, the User will be asked:

  1. To select the desired device (if more than one is present)
  2. For permission to use the camera device.
  3. If this choice should be remembered in the future.


Update the selected Participant's allergy information. Edit an existing Attribute by clicking the pencil icon OR select a new Attribute from the drop down, add a note and click +Add. Repeat as needed.


The Notes field is available for adding notes specific to the day that the Group leader might need to keep in mind during the Event. The note can be found on the person's Event Participant record in MinistryPlatform.

Notify Front Desk

This button allows the classroom attendant or Group Leader to notify someone at the "front desk" (i.e. Information Center, Children's Welcome Desk) that a Participant needs to be picked up.

Oftentimes this is a volunteer at the information desk or another central area with access to the paging system inside the service. Clicking this button will send a text to the number set in the CLASSROOMFrontDeskSMSNumber Configuration Setting. Note: You must also have a Twilio account and the Text Message Tool configured for this feature to work.

The text message will contain the Event Participant's name, Group and Room. For example, "Cucumber, Larry needs assistance in Veggie Group Room 234."

Notify Parents

Clicking this button sets the Call Parents field to True on the Event Participant record. What this does beyond that is up to each church to create and customize. For example, a church could create a workflow where clicking this button:

  • Records that they have manually used the call system (i.e. "nanny light" or "parent pager" system) in service to notify parents.
  • Triggers a Process to email the desired party or create a task to follow up.
  • Triggers a Webhook or custom integration to text the desired party.
  • Triggers a Webhook or custom integration to post a message to appear on the call system in service.
  • Shows in a custom view so that they can track over time how many times the call system is used, by what Events, and what Participants.
  • OR some variation or combination of the above.

This button can be hidden using the CLASSROOM,HideCallParentsButton Configuration Setting.

Family and Permitted Guardians

This section lists the Participant's family members and members of other authorized Households including a picture and if available, Household Position and mobile phone. Other authorized Households are Households set on the Participant's Contact record on the Other Households page with a Household Type of "Shows in Check-in". (Household Types are found in System Lookups/Household Types. If you are missing the type "Shows in Check-in", please add it to your system.) A common use of this is for grandparents, relatives or close friends/neighbors who might be the ones dropping off or picking up the participant besides the parent(s).

Inactive Contacts will not appear in this section.

Send Text

From this section, if a mobile phone is available, you will have the option to send a text to the desired adult family or permitted guardian (option will not appear for Contact's with a Household Position of: Guest Child, Minor Child or Company). Note: You must also have a Twilio account and the Text Message Tool configured for this feature to work.

  1. Click on the desired number to text.
  2. The default text message will contain the Event Participant's name, Group and Room. For example, "Cucumber, Larry needs assistance in Veggie Group Room 234." Edit this message, if needed.
  3. Click Submit.

The text message contents are stored in a Contact Log entry on the recipient's record. 


Last Modified: 10/15/2019

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