Check-In Suite FAQ

Q1: Do I have to stop using the old Check-In 2 and standalone Classroom Manager?
Check-In Suite will not break Check In 2 or standalone Classroom Manager.

However, once you have been deployed the new Check-In Suite, you are required to start making the transition. Ultimately, Check In 2 and standalone Classroom Manager will no longer be supported as of August 31, 2019. Eventually, your system's Check-In 2 (/checkin2) and Classroom Manager (/classroommananger) URLs will be disabled (specific dates TBD).

We strongly recommend making the switch sooner rather than later to take advantage of the countless enhancements of Check-In Suite. We have developed a simple, comprehensive plan for making the transition easy that our incubators used. Check it out here!

Q2: How is Check-In Suite different than Check-In 2 and standalone Classroom Manager?
Check-In Suite is a single application that includes: Check-In Kiosk, Classroom Manager, and Admin Console. It has tons of new features and enhancements to meet your church's check in needs - all in one place!

For a list, see Key Changes and Enhancements.

Q3: What do I need to do to start using Check-In Suite?
There are four main things you need to do to start using Check In Suite:

  1. Set up the appropriate users with the appropriate Security Roles
  2. Add Room & Group records to new *or existing* Events (tip: Use the new Event Rooms and Groups tool!)
  3. Create new Label Sets (templates provided)
  4. Create Kiosk Themes (templates provided)

See Full Setup Details.

Q4: Can Check-In Suite be run on any browser? Or does it only work with Firefox?
Check-In Suite (Check-In Kiosk, Classroom Manager, and Admin Console) works from any major browser! Check-In Suite is supported on the following browsers:

  • Latest version of Google Chrome
  • Latest version of Mozilla Firefox (regular, not ESR)
  • Latest version of Microsoft Edge
  • Latest version of Macintosh Safari
  • Latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer

Q5: Can Check-In Kiosk print from any browser? Or does it only print from Firefox?
Check-In Kiosk can print from any major browser! The Print Service must be installed on a Windows machine either on the local machine or connected to a remote version of the Printer Service. See Configure Print Service for details.

Q6: Can Check-In Suite be run on an iPad or tablet?
Yes! Check-In Suite (Check-In Kiosk, Classroom Manager, and Admin Console) was designed to be responsive and work on various sized and touch screen devices. To download the print service for printing name tags, a Windows device is required.

The responsive screen size/ratio means you could technically even use Check-In Suite on a phone. However, a phone and an iPad mini are pretty small, so, although it is possible and might work very well in certain scenarios, we would still recommend a full size iPad/tablet or touch screen station for the best experience for your users.

Q7: Why can't I log into Check-In Suite?
Ensure that you have a Check In Suite Security Role. See Security Roles for details.

Q8: Where is Check-In Suite's Classroom Manager data stored?
All Check-In Suite data is stored in the Platform. Attendance reports can be pulled from the Platform at any time.

Q9: Does Check-In Kiosk require configuration for printing?
Yes, but simply the installation on the local machine or connection to a remote version of the Printer Service and basic printer properties. See Configure Print Service for details. No plug-ins required or browser settings required!

Q10: Can I use previous labels and themes from Check-In 2?
Check-In 2 themes and labels cannot be "migrated" as the files/structure is completely different, but they can be recreated. You can recreate themes and labels yourself directly in the Admin Console UI, if desired. Or, you can engage the Professional Services team to recreate the desired Check-In 2 themes and/or labels.

Q11: How can I switch back and forth from Unattended to Attended mode?
If you are logged in as a User with the Administrators mode Security Role, you will need to log out (or open a new browser or private window) and login as a User with the Unattended mode Security Role.

If you are logged in as a User with the Unattended mode Security Role, you can use the attendant password to switch into Attended mode temporarily.

Q12: Can I use labels as tickets, to show seating assignments or to show options paid for at registration?
Yes! Use the Option tokens on Labels to show what Option Group, Option Title, Option Quantity, and/or Option Note was selected by the Participant during registration. For example:

  • Use Option Title and Option Quantity tokens to print a label for the Participant that shows they bought a block of 5 tickets to the concert in the Balcony section.
  • Use the Option Title token to print a label for the Participant that shows they registered for the "Empty Nesters" track at the Marriage Conference.
  • Use the Option Group and Option Title tokens to print a label for the Participant that shows they bought a Medium T-shirt.

Q13: Is the Groups & Rooms sub-page a new type of record? Or a change to an existing type of record?
The Groups & Rooms sub-page on the Event record is the Room Reservation record related to the Event. The Room Reservation record has been enhanced to include Groups. There are no longer "Event Groups" or "Group Room" records. See Key Changes and Enhancements for details.

*Important* The schema additions detailed in Key Changes and Enhancements will not impact the legacy Check-In 2 and Classroom Manager applications. During the overlap period, the legacy Check-In 2 and Classroom Manager systems will continue to use Program Groups to retrieve Groups while the new Check-In Suite will use the Rooms & Groups assignments. Any existing Room assignments in the Room Reservations table will not be changed. 

Q14: Why are labels printing for some Participants and not others?
The labels sets are controlled by what group and Group Role the Participant has. If they have a role with a type of Participant, they will get the participant labels specified for that Group. If they have a role with a role type of Leader or Servant, they will get the Servant labels specified for that Group.

Q15: When using Check-In Suite translated into another language, can I override various messages?
Yes, you can override various messages in the translation layer. However, this is not recommended and will be overwritten with future updates. This should only be done by a trained SPoC with knowledge of your server and the Domain Data folder. From your Web server, go to webroot > Check In > Domain Data > Local Host > CustomResources.js file > choose the tab for the desired language. Create a new file or edit the existing file to make the desired message changes. If you need to make this change and don't feel comfortable doing so, please contact Support. You can change search instructions when creating or editing your Kiosk Theme.

Q16: Why is an inactive Contact showing up in the Participant dashboard in Classroom Manager?
In Check In Suite, the Classroom Manager participant dashboard shows all the active Participants for the Groups associated with the selected Event. It does not look at Contact Status. If a Contact has been marked Inactive, but their Participant records were not end dated, then they were not inactivated correctly and their data needs cleaned up. Always use the Inactive Tool to inactivate a Contact to ensure that all the related data clean up occurs.

Q17: What is the url for Check-In Suite?
https:\\[your domain]\checkin

Q18: I am getting an error "Error occurred when printing..." after sending labels to the printer. What might be causing this?
You labels might be trying to pass too much data to the printer. Most of the time, this is caused by using a logo or other image on the label is too large. Note: Just because you scale a large image (e.g. 1339x750) down to a small container (e.g. 34x60), does not make it a smaller image. Scaling the image does not change the amount of data only how it's viewed. See this KB for more details on image recommendations.

Q19: Printing is slow. Is there a way to speed this up?
Some known causes for slow printing which can be addressed: 1) Large images should be downsized to actual size. 2) Color and grayscale images should be converted Black and White bitmaps 3) Linked images should be encoded and embedded.



Last Modified: 6/26/2019

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