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Log into your Check-In Suite here:

https:\\[your domain]\checkin

After logging into Check-In you are taken to the Check-In Suite Homepage. Here you set the following configurations for the specific Check-In Suite station. Items with a star (*) are required for accessing Check-In Kiosk or Classroom Manager:

  • *Campus: The Campus by which to filter the available Check-In Suite Events. Events assigned to Churchwide Campus will be available under any filter.  Only active congregations will appear in drop-down menu. 
  • *Events: The Event or Events that will be used by Check-In Suite are sorted alphabetically. Events can be selected by:
    • All Events for a specific ministry.
    • All Events for a selection of ministries.
    • A selection of one or more specific future or current Events available for check-in within the next 24 hours (from the current time).
  • *Attendant Password: When using Unattended Mode, this password - called the Attendant Password - allows the user to access the Attended Mode features temporarily. Put a * in the Search box, and it will prompt for the password. Please note this password is specific to this station and user. However, if you are using the Auto URL feature it will be included in the URL, and applied to any station using that URL.
  • *Machine Name: A friendly name for the machine to identify it in the Station Device Overview of the Admin Console (e.g. Kiosk #4). This value will be included on any Event Participant records created in Check In Station field.
  • Language: The desired language for Check-In Suite to display for field labels (buttons, instructions, etc.). Current available languages are:
    • English (default)
    • Mandarin (Simple Chinese)
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
  • Use Virtual Keyboard: If selected, the Attendant Password and Machine Name fields can be entered using an onscreen touch keyboard. If selected here, the Virtual Keyboard will also be enabled on the Login screen.

Once set, you can choose the a function of the Check-In Suite:

The Check-In Kiosk and Classroom Manager are grayed out until the required fields are populated. Fields with red labels are required.

The current version of Check-In Suite is noted in the header of the Home page. For example, 9.10.16.

The cache can be refreshed using the icon in the header. This refreshes information related to Events, Groups, Participants, and Configuration Settings.

The Print Service is also installed and verified from the Home screen. See Print Services for details.

Video Topics: Overview of Check-In Suite

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Last Modified: 10/9/2019

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