Check In Suite - April 2019

Don't miss the new parent Mobile Phone token for labels, smart Church-wide filter for Events, guests added to own, but related Household, and more!


  • Enhanced Event Selection by allowing Events associated with the Churchwide Campus to appear under any and all Campus Filters.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling Virtual Keyboard on an iPad also launched the native keyboard thereby displaying overlapping keyboards.

Check In Kiosk

Search Results
  • Enhanced the Add Guest function to create a distinct Household for the new Contact. Upon record creation, the new Contact is associated with the guest family via Other Households
  • Fixed an issue where Checkin arbitrarily chose and checked-in only one family member if multiple members of a Household shared an identical Card ID.
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling an Event, or cancelling Groups associated with an Event via Room Reservations, did not preclude the Event/Groups from appearing in Search Results.
  • Fixed an issue where checking-in resulted in an API Error under the rare scenario that numerous Groups (50+) where associated with an Event.
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing Search Results would display the time notations in Chinese characters when English was the selected language.
  • Fixed an issue where Check-In indicated that RSVP labels would print when a Default Printer was not configured. A Default Printer must be configured to support RSVP labels.
  • Fixed an issue where certain keys appeared cut-off when Number Pad was selected in Portrait Mode on an iPad.
Add/Edit Family
  • Enhanced the Edit Family Member dialog to accept birthdays via text input where manual selection from drop-downs was previously required. 
  • Enhanced the list of Household Sources to sort alphabetically. 

Classroom Manager

  • Fixed an issue in the Mark Present dialog where the Room drop-down cut-off the last Room when a Group was associated with several Rooms.

Admin Console

Label Sets
  • *New* Parent Mobile Phone is now available as a Token for Labels. If both Heads of Household have a Mobile Phone populated on their Contact Record, both numbers are displayed as a comma delimited list.
  • Enhanced the Map to Group dialog to focus cursor in search box immediately upon launching the dialog. 
  • Enhanced Security Codes to exclude 3 letter combinations that could be interpreted as inappropriate. The Security Code standard is still 4 letters thereby limiting the impact of this change to churches who have manually hidden the final character.
  • Fixed an issue where the Label Set drop-down was at times unresponsive. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Mapped To "Info" dialog did not scroll to display all Groups. 
  • Fixed an issue where labels were printing in order of unique ID rather than alphanumerically by title.
  • Fixed an issue where new labels were not uniquely identified until renamed causing multiple labels to be selected simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue where Group Participants who had no label defined for their Role Type - or all labels in their Role Type were mapped to alternate Groups - received the RSVP label instead.
  • Fixed an issue where the Alignment field within Table Properties did not display any editing options.
Kiosk Themes
  • Enhanced the A/B/C Theme coloring controls to more intuitively match the action buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a Theme that was currently configured for a Kiosk resulted in a "theme-less" Kiosk. Check-In now reverts to the first saved Theme (as sorted alphabetically).
  • Fixed alignment issues for Number Pad / A-Z Keyboard when Theme was configured to use Extra Large font on an iPad.

Rooms + Groups Tool

  • *New* Room Reservations can now include Notes when created via Event Rooms & Groups Tool.
  • Enhanced the Event Rooms & Groups Tool to display the current Event if launched from an open Event Record.
  • Enhanced the Room drop-down in the Event Rooms & Groups Tool to append the Room Number for further clarity when selecting Rooms.
  • Enhanced the Group search in the Add a Room dialog to look at all current Groups. Similar to the grid view in the Platform, scrolling through Groups will display up to 1,000 records.
  • Fixed an issue in Event Rooms & Groups Tool where Events were marked as "False" in the approved column when the Event was, in fact, approved.
  • Fixed an issue where Room selection was not cleared upon closing the Add a Room dialog and was pre-populated when the dialog was re-launched.


  • Enhanced various warning and message dialogs to be fully translated into the languages supported by Check-In Suite.
  • Enhanced the Add to Home Screen functionality of an iPad so that Check-In Suite is automatically titled and represented by the MP Logo.

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Last Modified: 3/28/2019

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