Check In Suite - July 2019

Don't miss the new ability to restrict search to phone, ID or name, ability to select multiple Groups and/or Rooms in classroom manager, support for "fast pass" QR code from the Church App or PocketPlatform, and more!


  • Enhanced the Campus drop-down to display Congregations alphabetically.
  • Enhanced the Print Service Ping URL by shortening it to end in /Test where it previously required an endpoint URL to be specified.
  • Fixed an issue where end-dated Ministries still appeared in the "All Events in Ministries" filter.
  • Fixed an issue where the Machine Name would accept more than 50 characters causing errors to appear elsewhere.

Check In Kiosk

Search Results
  • *New* Pocket Platform and Online Giving's Church App now allow families to pre-select desired Events for check-in and generate a FastPass code which can be scanned at any CIS kiosk. Scanning will facilitate check-in and, if applicable, print labels. 
  • Enhanced search results to display Households in alphabetical order for any search method.
  • Enhanced the search screen to keep the cursor in the search bar at all times.
  • Fixed an issue where a Participant could appear as a Guest rather than Expected when a high volume of Room & Group Records existed for one or more Events active in Check-In Suite.
  • Fixed an issue where Company Households comprised solely of Members with Contact Type "Company" would appear in search results.
  • Fixed an issue where some search terms returned delayed search results.
  • *New* Search methods Phone, ID, and Name can now be individually toggled on/off providing more control over desired search results. 
  • Fixed an issue where Group Participants with a future Start Date appeared eligible for check-in.
Add/Edit Family
  • Fixed an issue where the Attribute Notes entered via the Edit Family dialog could exceed the amount of text allowed for this field in the Platform.
Auto URL
Important! As a result of this update, you will be required to update your Auto URL.

Classroom Manager

  • *New* Participants across multiple Groups checking into multiple Rooms can now be selected prior to launching the Mark Present dialog. 
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to take or update a photo returned an error inside the Participant Details dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where texting parents would result in a failure message and texts would not send (although they might send from other MP applications) due to a TLS version issue.

Admin Console

Label Sets
  • Enhanced icons throughout Check-In Suite to use the latest icon library resources.
  • Enhanced the Add Guest functionality to immediately place the Guest in a Group making them eligible to receive labels mapped to that Group.
  • Fixed an issue for Dymo 2x3 Labels where an additional blank label was printed after each label.
  • Fixed an issue where certain images/icons combined with specific print settings could drastically reduce print speed for label printing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Time token would merge in the current server time, rather than kiosk time, if the two were in different time zones.
  • Enhanced the Map to Group dialog to return up to 5,000 Groups. 
Important! For best printing results, please use a black and white image (not color or greyscale). Note that if using Photoshop, true black and white is called "bitmap".
Don't forget that Check In Suite now has a new token for labels called "Parent Mobile Phone"! Note: If you had engaged Professional Services in the past to populate the Parent Mobile Phone in an Allergy Attribute, please update your label sets to use the new token as this custom routine will be turned off this Fall.
Kiosk Themes
  • Enhanced the Header and Sub-Header fields to allow special characters including commas and exclamation marks.


Important! As a result of this update, you will be required to update the print service on all print servers and kiosks that print labels.
Reminder: As of August 31, 2019, we will officially no longer support either Check-In 2 or (standalone) Classroom Manager. They have both been replaced by Check In Suite!

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Last Modified: 7/25/2019

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