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The all new Check-In Suite is now available! Ultimately, the legacy Check-In 2 and stand-alone Classroom Manager will no longer be supported and your system's Check-In 2 (/checkin2) and Classroom Manager (/classroommananger) URLs will be disabled (specific dates TBD). We strongly recommend making the switch sooner rather than later to take advantage of the countless enhancements. For ideas on how to make the switch, see Transition Plan.

The Classroom Manager application is designed to provide a teacher with a head's up display of kids who are present during an event along with quite a few features for helping that teacher or group leader manage the group during one or more events.

A brief video is below providing an overview about this application. Read the articles in this Knowledge Base book to learn how to configure and deploy this tool in your church.

Video Topics: Classroom Manager

0:37 - Marking People as Present
1:52 - Checking People Out
2:37 - Viewing Events and Role Types
3:00 - Using the Classroom Manager in Place of Check-in

Classroom Manager is supported on the following browsers:
> Latest version of Google Chrome
> Latest version of Mozilla Firefox (regular, not ESR)
> Latest version of Microsoft Edge
> Latest version of Macintosh Safari
> Latest version of Microsoft internet Explorer (until 12/31/18)
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Last Modified: 9/12/2018

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