Classroom Manager Release Notes

Changes and Enhancements:
  • Added the ability for a user to select multiple group members and mark present or check out all of them at once (Issue ID #1814).
  • Added a pie chart showing the total of people in the grid by gender (Issue ID #506).
  • Added totals for each of the following options: Group Members, Checked In, Present, and Checked Out (Issue ID #1813).
  • Added the ability to refresh the events list (Issue ID #523.)
  • Added the Group Name and Group Role to header of the individual information screen (Issue ID #510).
  • Added the mobile phone (unless unlisted) of family members (Issue ID #1817).
  • Added the Event Title to group member detail (Issue ID #1826).
  • Added the age in months for group members under 1 year of age (Issue ID #509).
  • Added a visual indicator when a filter is active (Issue ID #515).
  • Added a confirmation after clicking the logout button (Issue ID #516).
  • Applied a separate style to the logout button (Issue ID #517).
  • Improved usability for tablets (Issue ID #503).
  • Improved the ability to capture photo and assign to contact (Issue ID #502).
  • Added the ability to notify a different "front desk" for each Congregation (AKA Campus) based on the event. A new field for storing that campus' front desk number was added to the Congregations page.
  • Appended Congregation Name to the Events filter.
  • Introduced pagination (50 records per page) to improve usability without sacrificing performance in groups with hundreds of participants. This will also help when multiple groups are in scope and together total hundreds of records.
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected an issue where search criteria might not match the filter provided (Issue ID #514).
  • Fixed an error related to updating a contact's photo (Issue ID #519).
  • Prevented family members from showing twice (Issue ID #522).
  • Prevented an error if a user attempted to add a note to a Group Member who was not checked in. (Issue ID #508).
  • Fixed an issue preventing the selection of a large number of groups in a single session (Issue ID #525).
  • Fixed an issue preventing the call parents button from being hidden when the configuration setting for this purpose was set to true. (Issue ID #504).


Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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