Background Check Request Tool

Use of this CloudTool requires that you have a Background Check integration set up with Secure Search or Protect My Ministry. See Background Integration Check Setup for details.


The Background Check Request Tool works with your Portal, the Platform, and a background check provider to facilitate and automate the creation, completion and execution of Background Checks.

To gain an understanding of how MinistryPlatform handles background check records review the Background Checks article before proceeding.

The integration allows you to:

‚ÄčTip: The Background Check Request Tool is a great way to allow ministry staff to review the status of Background Checks without giving them access to the Background Check record (and all the juicy details therein).

Launching the Background Check Tool

The Background Check Request Tool can be launched from an open record or from a selection of records. The tool is available on the Contact, Participant, and Background Check pages.

From a Specific Contact, Participant, or Background Check
  • Open Contact, Participant, or Background Check record
  • Launch the tool from Tools > Background Check Request Tool
  • The open record will be loaded in the tool

From a Selection of Contacts, Participants, or Background Checks
  • Create selection of Contacts, Participants, or Background Checks
  • Launch the tool from Tools > Background Check Request Tool
  • The selected records will be loaded in the tool
Using a Contact Search
  • Launch the tool from the Contacts, Participant, or Background Checks page
  • Launch the tool from Tools > Background Check Request Tool
  • Search for Contacts in the search box

Reviewing Background Check Status

Review the Contacts in your selection including their Background Check Status (displayed by status)

  • No Checks - Contacts who don't have any Background Check records.
  • Processing - Contacts who have a Background Check record in progress that is not complete.
  • Current & Expired Checks - Contacts who have a completed Background Check record.

If a Contact appears on a tab multiple times, it is not a duplicate, but indicates that they have multiple Background Checks of different Background Check Types that fall into that category.

The expiration date is calculated based on the Configuration Setting: COMMON,MonthsTillBackgroundCheckExpires.

The following statuses may be displayed for existing Background Checks:

  • Waiting on BG Check - BC record created, waiting to be submitted
  • Submitted - BC submitted for processing
  • Waiting on Review - BC results returned, but could not be auto-cleared either because adjudication is not configured or there is a problem that requires human review/intervention
  • All Clear - BC on record with All Clear = True

Creating a Background Check

To create a new Background Check record Contacts without existing Background Checks:

  1. Select the No Checks or Current & Expired Checks tab:
  2. Select Contacts.
  3. Choose Background Check Type.
  4. Optional: choose the requesting Ministry.
  5. Choose the appropriate State and County (this is required if a county Background Check Type was selected)
  6. Click Create Background Requests.

If a Contact has a Background Check with the same Background Check Type that is already "Processing", clicking Create Background Requests will present a warning message to prevent duplicate checks.

Note: You will only be charged for a background check once the record is sent (or filled out on behalf of the Contact) and the "Submit" button is clicked. There is no charge for creating a background check record - only once it has been "Submitted."

Send A Background Check Request Form Email

To send emails to the selected Contacts to complete a Background Check Request form:

  1. Select the Processing tab
  2. Select Contacts. If the Contact is not available to be selected, there is no email address on record for them, or there is already a Background Check record for the individual that has Background Check Submitted date, but not a Background Check Returned date
  3. Click Send Email(s).
  4. An email with a link to the form will be sent to each selected Contact
    • No login or password is required for the recipient to use this link.
    • All known information will be auto-filled.

The Template for this email is defined in the COMMON,BackgroundCheckTemplateID Configuration Setting. See Initial Configuration below.

Completing a Background Check Form

To complete a Background Check Request form on behalf of the Contact (for example, from a signed paper form they submitted):

  1. Select the Processing tab
  2. Click the Fill Out Form button next to the Contact.
  3. From the Portal, complete the form. All known information will be auto-filled.
  4. Click Submit Background Check.

The data in the Background Check Request form is transmitted to the background check provider and the Background Check record is updated.

After the background check has been processed, the results are automatically returned to MinistryPlatform and the Background Check record is updated again.

Viewing a Completed Background Check Form

To view submitted or complete forms:

  1. Select the Processing tab
  2. Select the Contact 
  3. Click the Fill Out Form button to open form attached to the related Background Check record.
  4. Click Close.

Video Topics

0:08 - Initial Setup
0:52 - Launching the Tool
1:47 - Filling out the Form Online
2:10 - Background Checks Page

Initial Setup

SPoCs should review the following Configuration Settings:

If you have integrated with Protect My Ministry or Secure Search, Think Ministry will have these values configured for you. You should review the Message templates for any branding
  • COMMON,BackgroundCheckUrl: The URL for your Background Check vendor. SecureSearch and Protect My Ministry are the only supported integration vendors. 
  • COMMON,BackgroundCheckUsername: The username of your account with your Background Check vendor.
  • COMMON,BackgroundCheckPassword: The password of your account with your Background Check vendor.
  • COMMON,MonthsTillBackgroundCheckExpires: An integer value representing the number of months after which a servant needs a new background check.  The starting default value is 12 months.
  • COMMON,BackgroundCheckTestMode: Specifies whether or the not background check is to be sent in 'Test' mode.  This value should always be set to 'false' unless requested by support.
  • COMMON,BackgroundCheckTemplateID: The ID of the Message template to be used when sending Contacts a link and details requesting they complete the Background Check request form on the Portal. Available merge fields are based on the Background Check page and normal Contact Fields. Do not modify the link included in this email. Ensure that the Contact(s) listed as From and Reply To Contacts on the selected Message have a valid email address, or else the Tool will error.

SPoCs can grant access to this tool by Configuring the Tool Permissions.

All Background Check Types are currently available in the drop down regardless of if Is Background Check = True or False.

Please note: California customers cannot use Statewide Criminal background checks without County. You must use a county-aware background check.

Last Modified: 7/9/2020

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