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  • The Inactivate Tool provides you with single-screen functionality to inactivate individuals or companies that no longer participate in your church.
  • The tool updates many areas of an individual's record at one time:
    • Changes the Contact Status on the Contact record.
    • Adds an End Date to the Participant record.
    • Optionally changes the Participant Type on the Participant record.
    • Optionally allows for the user to add/update a note on the Participant record.
    • Optionally unsubscribes from Publications.
    • Adds an End Date to current Group Participant records.
    • Cancels future Event Participant records.
    • Closes open Response records.
    • Cancels Donor envelopes.
    • Discontinues Donor pledges, and
    • Removes all Security Roles from the User record.
  • The tool can be used to inactivate one or multiple records at a time.
  • Use the tool with care, and only inactivate records you're certain should be. There is no way to automatically undo the changes made with this tool; undoing any changes must be done manually by referencing the Audit Logs of each affected record.
  • Upon launching the tool, drop down options can be changed, but will default to:
    • New Contact Status: Inactive.
    • Unsubscribe Publications: True.
    • Participant / Group End Date: Current Date.
  • If there is an error in inactivating certain Contacts in your selection, you have the option to save the records that were not able to be inactivated as a new selection.
  • SPoCs can grant user access to the tool via the Security Roles.

Inactivating Records

  1. Launch the tool by either:
    • Go to Contacts > open desired Contact record > Tools > Inactivate Tool, OR
    • Go to Contacts > select desired records > Tools > Inactivate Tool, OR
    • Go to Participants > open desired Participant record > Tools > Inactivate Tool, OR
    • Go to Participants > select desired records > Tools > Inactivate Tool.
  2. Choose the desired options: 
    • Indicate new Contact Status.
    • If desired, indicate new Participant Type.
    • Indicate whether the individual(s) should be unsubscribed from Publications.
    • Indicate the desired date for the individual(s) Participant End Date and Group End Date.
    • If desired, indicate Notes for their Participant record (e.g., reason they were inactivated). This note will be appended to the end of any existing Notes on the Participant record.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Close the tool.

Inactivating a Household

There is no way to automatically inactivate an entire Household; rather, you must ensure each Household member is included in your selection and then go through the normal inactivation process. To do so, you can either:
  • Search for each Household member on the Contacts or Participants page > inactivate the records as instructed above, OR
  • Open the appropriate Household record > select the Household members on the Primary Family sub-page > click Xfer > choose the Contacts page > inactivate the records as instructed above.

Reversing the Inactivation Process

If a record was inactivated and shouldn't have been, reference the Audit Log to update the following areas:
  • On the Contact record:
    • Change the Contact Status to desired setting (e.g., Active).
    • Update status of any Publications they were incorrectly unsubscribed from.
  • On the Participant record:
    • Change the Participant Type to the desired setting.
    • Remove the Participant End Date.
    • Remove or update any info added to the Notes section during inactivation.
    • Update incorrectly canceled event registrations.
    • Update incorrectly end-dated Groups.
    • Update incorrectly closed Responses.
  • On the Donor record:
    • Update envelopes.
    • Re-activate Pledges.
  • On the User record:
    • Re-add Security Roles (if the person had MinistryPlatform access).

Video Topics

0:29 - Records updated by the tool
1:45 - Launching the tool
2:18 - Working within the tool
2:51 - Reviewing the updated records

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Last Modified: 9/19/2019

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