CloudTools Release Notes

CoreTools is becoming CloudTools... in phases! So, in the interim, see the CoreTools release notes for Fall 2016 for details on the first release including CloudTools!
Release notes for our CloudTools updates are contained in these child pages. In addition to enhancements and bug fixes, we strive for our updates to also include new features and tools developed to help you connect with and engage your church.
Check out the most recent release notes: November 2018 (Patch)
Note: CloudTools updates are separate and independent from updates to other software applications. Occasionally, a change is made that can have an impact on one of our other applications. This is noted in the release notes.
Note: Customers not on SQL 2012 or higher will not be able to receive CloudTools. If needed, please make plans to upgrade as soon as possible. See this KB for minimum server requirements. Contact Support with any questions.

Last Modified: 9/11/2019

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