CloudTools - July 2018

Add/Edit Family Tool
  • Added a new Configuration Setting called AgeGroupMemberRoleID to specify the Default Group Role for the Age/Grade Group added via the tool.
MailChimp Sync Tool
  • Fixed the MailChimp Sync Tool. 'Nough said! ;)
  • Replaced the Sync Now function with the ability to submit a sync to the queue and be notified via email including full sync details when complete.
SendGrid Processor Tool
  • Updated the Tool menu drop down in the Platform to reflect the prior tool name change.
  • Updated the KB link in the tool to go directly to the SendGrid Processor Tool article.
  • Removed extraneous “the” in the instructions unless our eyes are still playing tricks on on us.
  • Enhanced the tool so that Dropped / Reported as Spam emails from SendGrid will no longer be cleaned.

Last Modified: 6/28/2018

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