CloudTools - November 2018 (Patch)

Add/Edit Company Tool
  • Fixed an issue where searching for a Company Name containing an apostrophe would generate an error.
Add/Edit Family Tool
  • Fixed an issue where the "Married & Living Together" checkbox and Marital Status fields were not able to be updated or saved independently while using the tool.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Married To" relationship would be end dated and recreated each time the other family edits were made and saved.
  • Fixed an issue where Contacts in Households with only one Head of Household would be assigned the "Married to" relationship to the second family member added, regardless of Household Position.
  • Fixed the Grade Group drop down to display groups with a Group Type of Age or Grade Group (by Group Type name and not Group Type ID).
The data potentially impacted by these bugs are specific to how/when you use the tool. However, if you are concerned about data being changed inadvertently, the release with the issue was applied the evening of 10/25/18. The pages impacted would be Contact (Marital Status) and Contact Relationships. Creating views based on these records and dates (10/25-11/13) and/or running the User Audit Log Detail can help you review data for potential impact and correction, if desired.

Last Modified: 8/12/2019

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