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Note: The previous version of this tool was called "SendGrid Cleaner".

The Tool helps you clean (remove) undeliverable email addresses from Contact records for emails sent from MinistryPlatform. SendGrid provides realtime feedback to the platform for the statuses of emails.

The Tool will:

  • Check Bounced emails to ensure they are cleaned from your database. Emails removed in this way will be logged in the Audit Log (API User). Note: A Block is a type of Bounce; however, the tool will not remove a Blocked email address.
  • Select email statuses (Delivered, Opened, Clicked) to be updated in the Message Recipient record.
  • Dropped and Spam Report emails (related to blacklisting by a major email platform) are ignored by the tool except for updating status in the Message Recipient record.

Setup and Configuration

*Important* After receiving the CloudTools April 2018 update, you will need to set up the tool anew with your SendGrid account following the steps below.
A. SendGrid Integration

The SendGrid Processor Tool supports a webhook that must be added to your SendGrid account. This must be setup before the platform will get realtime feedback from SendGrid. See SendGrid > Platform Integration

B. Settings

The following Configuration Settings can be edited:

  • CORETOOLS,SendGrid-BounceReportEmail: Sets an optional email address that will be notified of every email that is cleaned. Value is blank at install. Leave blank to disable.
  • CORETOOLS,SendGrid-RemoveBouncedEmail: Controls whether or not bounced messages from Sendgrid are deleted. Value is True at install to maintain existing behavior.
C. Access to the Tool

Video Topics: SendGrid Processor

0:22 - Using the Tool in the Platform
0:40 - Setting up options in SendGrid
1:07 - Tracking emails removed in the Platform

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Last Modified: 8/29/2019

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