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Donations given by unauthenticated users on the Portal's Online Giving or Mission Trip/Project Giving pages are sometimes initially matched to the Default Contact record rather than the record of the actual donor. The Assign Donor Tool allows you to quickly review and assign these donations to an appropriate Donor record.

Anonymous Users and Default Contact

  • Users may submit data anonymously using the Public Portal 
    • A user is anonymous if they have not logged in
    • A user is authenticated if logged in (Default Contact is not used in this case)
  • Anonymous users are matched to the Default Contact record if the details provided do not match a Contact
  • The platform determines a match based on the information input during the submission process
  • The following values are used to match a Contact:
    • First Name/Nickname must match
    • Last Name must match
    • Email or Phone must match (only one is required for a match)
  Name Mismatch Name Mismatch Email Mismatch Mobile Mismatch Email/Mobile Mismatch
First Name Mismatch Match Match Match Match
Last Name Match Mismatch Match Match Match
Email Address Match Match Mismatch Match Mismatch
Mobile Phone Match Match Match Mismatch Mismatch
Assigned To Default Default Matched Matched Default

Assigning Donors

  1. Launch the tool by either:
    • Going to Stewardship > Donations > open desired Donation record > Tools > Assign Donor, OR
    • Going to Stewardship > Donations > Tools > Assign Donor (allows you to review all Donations assigned to Default Contact).
  2. Click a Donation to review possible matches:
    • If a match exists, click Assign next to the correct Donor.
    • If a match doesn't exist, click Create Donor, enter any additional info (most fields will auto-fill from the Notes field) and click Create Donor.
  3. Repeat step 2 for each Donation



If you receive an error when assigning or when trying to create a Participant record within the tool, ensure that all of your Configuration Settings are set to values that exist in your system.

Third-Party Software
  • If software other than MinistryPlatform inputs donations into MP,  donations must match what MP expects if you're going to use the Assign Donor Tool successfully.
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Last Modified: 3/8/2019

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