Copy Batch Tool


  • The Copy Batch Tool allows you to copy a Batch.
  • The tool is useful if you need to recurring batches that have similar information every time, such as:
    • Donations deducted from employee payroll in the same amount each time payroll is processed, or
    • ACH donations that are set up, scheduled and executed on a regular basis through a 3rd party.
  • SPoCs can grant user access to this tool via the normal process.

Copying a Batch

  1. Go to Stewardship > Batches > open desired Batch.
  2. Click Tools > Copy Batch Tool:
    • Choose the desired Batch date.
    • Name the Batch. (must be at least 6 characters long)
    • Click Copy Batch.
  3. Close the tool.

Once a Batch is copied, it can be found in Stewardship > Batches > view: Not Yet Finalized, as well as the Donation Batch Tool or Batch Manager Tool.

The copied Batch is exactly like the original except:
  • The Donation Dates are what the user specified in the Copy Batch Tool,
  • The Batch is not yet finalized,
  • The Batch is not yet part of a Deposit, and
  • The Batch belongs to the user who copied it.

Last Modified: 3/30/2018

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