Event Metrics Tool


  • The Event Metrics Tool allows you to quickly enter metric information about an event, such as headcount, guests, cars in parking lot, offerings, weather decisions, and salvation decisions. The metrics recorded are group-specific, based on the Program for that event.
  • Metrics are useful in recording data that is not otherwise explicitly entered into the Platform and recorded against a person's record.
  • SPoCs can grant user access to this tool via the normal process.

Initial Setup

To have metrics available for use, go to Facilities > Metrics and create desired metric options.

Using the Event Metrics Tool

The Event Metrics Tool is available by going to Events > open desired Event record > Tools > Event Metrics Tool. Only program groups connected to the Event via the Program will be available for entry and display the metric box.
Groups listed in the Tool are sorted in the following order:
  • Group_Focus (from the Group_Focuses table)
  • Parent Group Name
  • Group Name

Last Modified: 6/28/2019

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