Form Responses Tool


  • The Form Responses Tool allows you to export all responses received through a Form or an Event registration to an Excel-compatible CSV file for analysis and review.
  • The tool must be launched from an open record, and cannot be launched from a selection.
  • The tool is available on the Events, Forms, Opportunities and Pledges pages.
  • When exporting Form Responses from an Event record, the Form Responses come from two places: Answers (from Form Responses) and Invoice Details (from Product Option Prices). Addresses always come from the Form Response tied to the Answer, so no Address is exported if there is no Answer record.
  • SPoCs can grant user access to the tool via the normal process.

Exporting Form Responses

  1. Open the desired Event, Form, Opportunity or Pledge record.
  2. Click Tools > Form Responses Tool.
  3. Choose the records to export:
    • All Records exports all Form Response records related to that Event, Form, Opportunity or Pledge.
    • Selected Records exports Form Response records related to that Event, Form, Opportunity or Pledge that have a Response Date within the Date Range you indicate.
  4. Click Complete.
  5. A Download CSV option appears; click the link to download the CSV file.


The Form Title field of the Forms pages does not support HTML. If you are having problems with the Form Responses Tool or other reports, ensure there is no HTML from the Form Title. 



Last Modified: 3/30/2018

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