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Remember: CoreTools is becoming CloudTools... in phases!

*New* CloudTools

The following tools have been completely rewritten and are now CloudTools:

The following tools are *new* CloudTools:

Note: Until you receive the Platform Fall 2016 update:
  1) The Close button on all CloudTools will be non-operable. In the interim, please simply click the X to close the CloudTools window when finished.
  2) The CloudTools window size will be smaller than the tool UI. In the interim, please simply expand the window, if needed, to see the desired fields or buttons.
Note: Customers not on SQL 2012 or higher will not be able to receive CloudTools. If needed, please make plans to upgrade as soon as possible. See this KB for minimum server requirements. Contact Support with any questions.


The following CoreTools have had fixes or enhancements. These and any other remaining CoreTools will become CloudTools in a future update!

Address Validator Tool
  • Fixed an issue where setting CORETOOLS,UseMelissaSmartMoverService = False would generate an error when running the Address Validator Tool.
  • Fixed an issue where the first launch of a tool for the day would generate a generic runtime error, but future launches would work without issue.

Last Modified: 3/30/2018

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