CoreTools - December 2018 (Patch)

Address Validator Tool
  • Enhanced the tool to leverage MelissaData's newest API (as MelissaData no longer supports their previous API).
  • Enhanced the tool to be able to be run with any number or records (no longer requires 100 records minimum).
  • Enhanced the tool to use the standard ISO 2 value for Country Code and the new Country field (added in the November 2018 Reports & Database update) in place of the Foreign Country field (which will be deprecated).
  • Updated the tool to ignore any Individual NCOA requests. While this means you might miss out on a handful of address updates, it will ensure that Households are not erroneously split. Household and Business NCOA requests will continue to update your MP data as a result of running the tool. We will be better able to address the nuances of Individual NCOA requests and how they are handled in the new MelissaData API in a future rewrite of the tool.

Last Modified: 12/10/2018

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