Roll Scan Attendance Tool


  • The Roll Scan Attendance Tool allows you to use a barcode reader to quickly mark event attendance and ensure their Group Participant record is credited with the attendance. This tool is meant to be used after an event by a MinistryPlatform user. Note: this Tool is designed only to be used to record Group Attendance. It cannot be used to update Attendance for an event with pre-registered participants.

Initial Setup

A SPoC must complete one-time initial setup in order to use the Roll Scan Attendance Tool.
  1. Purchase a standard Code 3of9 Barcode Reader (USB) and install it on the SQL server.
  2. Install the Barcode fonts (Click here for download) on the SQL server and workstation.
  3. Restart the Server and then refresh the cache on the workstation.
  4. Grant user access to the tool via the normal process of adding the tool to the page and/or giving a User rights to the tool.

Using the Roll Scan Attendance Tool

  1. Go to the Events page, and open the desired Event record.
  2. Click Tools > Rollscan Attendance Tool.
  3. Use your barcode reader to scan the barcode for each present person. (Note: the ID the tool uses is the Group Participant ID)
  4. Click Post Attendance.
  5. Close the tool. Attendance can be viewed by refreshing the Event record and looking at the Participants sub-page.

Preparing a Group barcode roster

  1. Go to Groups > selected desired Groups.
  2. Click Reports > Selected Group Rollscan Roster.
  3. Set the desired report parameters, and then click View Report.
  4. Export the report to PDF, and print it. You can then use this roster to mark attendance during your event.

Last Modified: 6/19/2020

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