Trim Selection Tool


  • The Trim Selection Tool allows you to quickly remove records from a selection (and to make a new selection of the removed records, if desired).
  • Currently, the following criteria is available for trimming:
    • Contact Status
    • Marital Status
    • Gender
    • Bulk Email Opt Out
    • Do Not Text
    • Missing Email Address
    • Missing Mobile Phone
    • Age Range
    • Household Position
    • Missing Home Phone
    • Missing Household Address
    • HH Bulk Mail Opt Out
    • Congregation
    • Participant Type
    • Ministry
    • Group Type
    • Group
    • Group Role Type
    • Group Role
    • Current Publication
    • Previous Publication
  • The tool is only available on the Contacts, Participants and Donors pages.
  • The tool must be launched from a selection of records.
  • Custom fields are not available in the Trim Selection Tool.
  • SPoCs can grant user access to the tool via the normal process.

Trimming a Selection

  1. Make a selection. If your selection isn't already on the Contacts, Participants or Donors pages, transfer your selection to one of those pages.
  2. Click Tools > Trim Selection.
  3. In the pop-up window, find the criteria you want to remove:
    • If the desired criteria has a drop-down menu, choose the appropriate item in the list (which updates the count for that criteria).
    • Nested lists filter accordingly (e.g., to see the Group Types used within a specific Ministry, select the Ministry for the Group Types to filter to the ones used in that Ministry).

  1. Click Remove to trim-out the desired criteria:
    • You can optionally create a new selection containing the removed records. If you want to do so, check the box > name the selection > click OK. If you do not want to do so, don't check the box and click OK.

  1. Close the tool. The data grid refreshes automatically to reflect the trimming.

Last Modified: 3/30/2018

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