Data Checking

Verifying your data in MP is something you can, and should, be doing after the 1st data migration and ongoing through the final data check, just after Cutover. We recommend you treat the 2nd data migration as if it were the final, and do the appropriate data checking during week 6 of your project. This will make your final data migration data checking process much easier and quicker, and you will want that time savings to prepare for Go Live. Once you have completed SPoC & System Readiness Training, you should have:

  • Seen where most of your data landed in MP.
  • Had your scheduled call with the TM Data Lead to discuss any questions or issues you might have about your data in MP.

Now is the time to begin thoroughly checking your data in MP. Churches elect to do this in all sorts of manners, and that is fine. Whatever method works best for you is what you should use. Below are a few guidelines for checking your data.

You may be tempted at this point to start cleaning your data in your legacy system as you may now see data issues that you did not realize you had. It’s our ‘across the board’ recommendation to bring all of your data over, and then use the tools in MP to clean things up afterward. You’ll spend much less time on the effort and do it with much greater clarity in MP than you will in your legacy system. 

Guidelines for Data Checking

  • Depending on your system, you may have provided us with screenshots of specific areas of your legacy system. Be sure that you can find the data from each of those screenshots in MP.
  • You may want to visit with your staff and ask them about what they use in your legacy system. Take the list you accumulate from those discussions and be sure you and they can locate that data in MP.
  • Your Finance SPoC will be responsible for checking the contribution data, however each person can check their own, after they’ve learned how, during the Portal class in On-Site Training.
  • The best way to check contributions data and see all donations in the most consolidated list of what got imported is to:
    • Go to the Donations Distribution page
    • Search for a person
    • Check their donations against what you see for them in your legacy system
    • Note that in MP, there is a total for the Amount column on the that page, AND you can use the search by column feature to narrow the list by person, by year, or however you wish
  • Another check on contribution data would be on the Donations page. Change the view to Unassigned Donations. You may want to review those against your legacy system data.
  • For other data - here is a list (although it is not comprehensive) of things you should check:
    • Groups - Do they contain the right people? Are the ones that are end dated in your legacy system, end-dated in MP? If your legacy system had a concept simalar to Group Role, are those correct?
    • Events - Are the right participants in them with the right Participant status? 
    • Milestones - Do they have the right dates? Are they all there?
    • Deceased people - are they marked as deceased in MP? Are they still in their original households?
    • Inactive people - are they inactive in MP? 
    • Membership information - do you know where that is in MP and have you confirmed with your coach that it is in a good place?
  • Your staff will see their data in MP for the first time during On-Site Training.  Remind them they are looking at the 2nd of 3 data migrations, and that they should see data through the date you made your data available for DM2. During training and just after, they should note their personal data, their family’s data, their participation, their milestones, their giving, their groups, their events, and each person can review the ministry area for which they are responsible.  Any discrepancies can be reported to the church project manager.

Performing data checking now will only make you and your team more prepared for the final data check, just after Cutover, the final data migration.

You might also want to remind your staff, those you expect to assist in the final data check, of the date, Thursday morning just after Cutover, so they have it on their calendar and will be prepared to help check data with you that morning.



Last Modified: 12/31/2018

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